Article: Decoding Leadership Development

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Decoding Leadership Development

Leadership development is a priority for the organizations as they require a new class of leaders with strategic and forward-thinking minds in this digital age. In conversation with People Matters, Jennifer Martineau, SVP, Research, Evaluation, and Societal Advancement Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) shares her perspectives on leadership development and diversity
Decoding Leadership Development
Jennifer Martineau has more than 25 years of experience in the field of leadership development and her areas of expertise include evaluation of leadership development, organizational leadership transformation, leadership strategy, women’s leadership etc. She has also been responsible for the leadership and execution of CCL’s world-renowned research, analytics, evaluation, and societal advancement practices. The conversation was also joined by Sophia Zhao, Senior Researcher – APAC, CCL, who also shares her perspectives on the theme. You have been in the space of leadership development for long and you have seen the space evolving. What do you think has changed in the recent years?  In CCL’s early days, the first development programs were three weeks long and so you can imagine they were very intensive and somehow we were able to get people to leave their offices for three weeks when there was no Internet or mobile phones; But today even 3 days is challengi...
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