Article: Future-proofing teams: IPM India's People & Culture Director shares upskilling focus areas for 2024

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Future-proofing teams: IPM India's People & Culture Director shares upskilling focus areas for 2024

Good leadership is developed over time through honing talent from an early stage, said the People & Culture Director of IPM India Wholesale Trading Private Limited, as she listed upskilling tips for leaders.
Future-proofing teams: IPM India's People & Culture Director shares upskilling focus areas for 2024

In today's dynamic work landscape, the imperative for upskilling has never been more pronounced. With technological advancements driving rapid changes across industries, the skill sets required to thrive in the workplace are continuously evolving. For leaders, this presents a crucial mandate: to empower their teams with the capabilities needed to navigate these shifting tides effectively. As the pace of change accelerates, upskilling emerges as a strategic imperative, enabling teams to not only meet but exceed the demands of the modern workplace. This proactive approach to skill development not only bolsters individual proficiency but also fosters a culture of continuous learning and growth within organisations. 

Moreover, upskilling isn't just about staying relevant; it's about staying ahead. By investing in the development of your teams, leaders not only future-proof their organisations but also position them for sustained success in an increasingly competitive landscape. Therefore, upskilling teams has become more critical than ever. From mastering emerging technologies to honing soft skills crucial for effective collaboration and leadership, the avenues for skill enhancement are diverse and multifaceted. 

During an exclusive interview with Jasneet Kaur, People & Culture Director, IPM India Wholesale Trading Private Limited, we talked about the important areas for improving skills in 2024. Since it's clear that learning new skills is more than just important—these tips will helps teams become more innovative, resilient, and excellent. By focusing on developing your teams, leaders can make sure your workforce is ready for both current challenges and future chances to succeed.

Excerpts from the interview:

What are the recent advancements or changes in the industry that demand new skill?

Disruption at the workplace has been changing the way we work for a few years now. With impactful globalisation and changing workforce landscape there is increasing access to new skills and knowledge. Few years from now, over two-thirds of skills considered important in today’s job requirements will change. Reskilling and upskilling of the future-ready workforce will be the core and life-long learning should be part of an organisation’s strategic goals. 

What are the top 5 skills you believe will be crucial for employees' success in 2024?

Digitisation and adoption of innovative technologies have helped organisations manage productivity in recent years. However, the required skills would also need to be cultivated throughout organisation. At IPM India, we believe that the focus of the organisation should be on empowering employees with the right tools, knowledge, and skills needed for sustained growth & development. Some of the skills that will be instrumental in ensuring success for teams and organisations include:- Active Learning Strategy, Complex problem-solving, Critical thinking and analysis, innovation, leadership and social influence, technology use and design, sustainability and project management.

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What training programs will be crucial to enhance the skills of teams in the upcoming year?

The ever-changing business landscape demands organisations to stay agile, innovate and adapt. Furthermore, today's workforce is seeking workplaces where they feel valued, empowered & be heard- and work together on a common vision of purpose and success. At IPM India, we are committed to cultivate a culture firmly based on the principles of lifetime employability, personal & business success, and culture of learning. To accommodate this, we introduced ‘MyIkigai' earlier this year, a comprehensive capability program to bolster the organisation's competencies. 

Additionally, focusing on organisational communication, more frequent employee feedback, creation of a shared corporate vision, and use of available technologies are the numerous ways organisations are enhancing HR skills. Organisations are upskilling via learning and development (L&D) programs & peer coaching through 'upskill track' on their learning management system (LMS). Some other key training programs include Job Enlargement, Job Rotation & Mentoring. 

What strategies can be put in place to develop leadership skills within teams to foster a culture of continuous improvement?

Good leadership is developed over time through honing talent from an early stage. Having said that, there are some key strategies to identify potential leaders of the future. These include leaders and managers allowing their teams to take up risks by adopting new, unique ideas. This will allow the team to think out of the box while ensuring that the goals are met. Situational leadership is one of the ways forward as it helps to provide the flexibility needed in a complex business environment. Lastly a constructive retrospection is key to relay feedback, enabling them to learn and work on the gaps for a holistic growth.

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