Article: Leadership Development – Future Unlimited

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Leadership Development – Future Unlimited

In the future, with artificial intelligence and machine language at its peak, human research will be focused on expanding human intelligence and brain capacity; and this will have a big impact on leadership development
Leadership Development – Future Unlimited
10th August 2030, Moscow Russia. Alisha is preparing for an opportunity of a lifetime — the kick- off meeting of her first project as a Program Director for sustainable energy generation, and conservation Inc. It has been a tough competition with thousands being evaluated across the globe for this mission critical project. She is 24 years old and has been chosen because of her unique ability of working with diversity of all kind. Her core human expertise is inclusion and sustainability of all forms of life. Alisha is excited about the opportunity yet anxious about the huge expectations from the project. Her team includes Troy, a 13 year old from Bulgaria, who has a few patents in natural energy generation processes; Maya a 69 year old grandmother from Peru who has been key source for galvanizing support of world economic forum and sponsorship from 29 countries towards the need for clean energy for our future generations; Ki is 40 year old aboriginal from Australia who has been ...

Topics: Leadership Development, Technology

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In the next three years, 120 million jobs in the world’s 10 largest economies will need retraining or re-skilling. To adapt to this new environment and help shape it, employees need to embrace continuous learning. Amid these changes, HR needs to not think, act, or be like traditional HR; they need to understand their job is now “human transformation”. In this issue, we will focus on what HR leaders and organizations need to consider today to prepare for tomorrow.

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