Article: The New Age Leadership - Leadership Competencies for 2030

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The New Age Leadership - Leadership Competencies for 2030

PwC's latest report 'Reimagining leadership: Steering India's workforce in 2030' calls out six new or emerging leadership capabilities that are critical for leaders to successfully navigate the new workforce realities; along with the core capabilities that will assume even greater significance in the future.
The New Age Leadership - Leadership Competencies for 2030
In a disruptive business ecosystem, change is the only constant. But the term ‘change’ takes on a different meaning in the business context. It signifies the need to transmutate; and this is an imperative today. With the altering workforce demeanor, the imperative for organizations is to curate leadership competencies that can manage the evolving organizational ecosystem. “Leadership roles will evolve as competing forces shape the future of work in India.” This is a sentiment that is reflected in PwC’s new report ‘Reimagining leadership: Steering India’s workforce in 2030’ that aims to connect three critical dots related to leadership for organizations in India — the intersection between the India’s growth paradigm and the workforce of the future; the non-negotiable leadership capabilities that leaders will need to succeed in the workplace of the future in India; and the development models, capabilities, commitment-building mec...
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