Article: Are You In The List 2018 Winner: Bibin Poovathany


Are You In The List 2018 Winner: Bibin Poovathany

While retaining the human side of HR, Bibin Poovathany of General Electric wants to position HR as an enabler rather than one for execution or approval.
Are You In The List 2018 Winner: Bibin Poovathany

Bibin Poovathany | Lead Employee HR Management Specialist | General Electric (GE)

Bibin believes that HR is the custodian of the most important resources of any organization - the employees. Every decision that we make in the role of HR has a significant impact on the organization. You cannot be a good HR partner just by knowing the rules of the land or the HR theories. You need to combine it with business acumen, clear logic, fairness and empathy for the employees. I find every day in my HR role challenging and rewarding.

Points of differentiation

My core differentiation points: business acumen and data-based decision making.

In all the HR roles that I have handled, I spent most time in understanding the business and how employees contribute to it. This approach has helped me a lot in designing policies & processes and enabling people leaders. I believe that HR (in a generalist or specialist role) should speak the language of business and create effective processes that can be logically related to the business and employees. Also, I rely on data points more than anything else in decision making. This helps me to keep it logical, objective and fair to everyone.

Biggest Talent Priority to solve

Enabling people leaders through advanced HR analytics.

The one thing I will retain in HR

The human side of HR. We can use the latest technologies; we can be strategic partners or change agents; but we fail our primary duty if we do not perform the role of an employee champion. HR should continue to be the champion of employee well-being and fairness while enabling the business.

The one thing I will change in HR

Positioning HR as an enabler rather than one for execution or approval. We should enable people leaders more to handle employees while continuing to be the custodians of the organization culture.

Vision for HR's future growth

Making HR more human through technology - advanced analytics and technology should drive our function closer to employees. Statistical analysis and models can never replace the judgement and perception by an employee's manager and HR. We should look at how we leverage both technology and qualitative judgement to make more effective decisions on employee matters.

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