Article: Top 12 trends: Coaching of top, middle management - Rajan Kalia

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Top 12 trends: Coaching of top, middle management - Rajan Kalia

Rajan Kalia, Co-Founder, Salto Dee Fe Consulting Service

The rising talent skill gap will lead to more emphasis on development and succession planning, and an increasing role of 'Coaching'. The huge skill gap will continue to pose a major problem for businesses making it difficult for them to find the 'right talent' who will be ready to meet the changing market demands. There are very few who can adapt to meet the present market demands. Following the existing talent gap, organizations will resort to internal talent development. This will further spur the focus on 'development' and succession planning to build the required internal talent and leadership pipeline. Focus will also be on enabling a robust process for developing frontline managers. The focus on 'coaching' of top and middle level managers to address the demand-supply gap in required talent will rise.

2012 will see an increasing need for HR managers to understand IT and ER implications. The Maruti story of the gap in expectation between worker demands has cleared the need for HR to know about IR and ER.

Finally, 2012 will also see organizations strictly bifurcating between key and non-key performers to retain talent who are vital for business performance. Companies will wholeheartedly concentrate on the retention of key talent.

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