Article: Conviction, belief are keys to successful teams


Conviction, belief are keys to successful teams

Venky Mysore, CEO IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders, shares how the franchisee got into the habit of winning
Conviction, belief are keys to successful teams

Although tough, it was important for KKR to resist the temptation to ride on the big brand influence of Shah Rukh Khan


The management should have the strength and the conviction to make hard choices

What are the challenges that a CEO of a high profile team such as Kolkata Knight Riders faces? Managing an IPL team has several challenges. First of all, every member of the team is a high potential and it is tricky when tough decisions have to be made for the team’s best interests. The Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) has always been a star-studded and high profile team with players of international repute. The first and foremost agenda for building a successful team of high potentials is ensuring that there is a definitive vision and focus. It is the management’s job to reiterate the vision and focus to the team. The importance of a vision and focus is to have every individual believe in a higher sense of purpose and look beyond immediate and personal successes. The second agenda is to create a path for success and sustainability. A CEO’s plan should not be just about success in the current and near-term, but about building a base for creating a legacy of success. Subseq...
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