Article: Bollywood to business: Kalki Koechlin's exclusive insider tips for partnering with celebrities


Bollywood to business: Kalki Koechlin's exclusive insider tips for partnering with celebrities

Steer clear of mindless associations, instead, put effort into empowering the audience and spreading awareness about the right offerings, says Kalki Koechlin.
Bollywood to business: Kalki Koechlin's exclusive insider tips for partnering with celebrities

Partnering with celebrities has been a tradition for centuries. The practice dates back to the Roman era. In fact, a royal license, if you could obtain it, was the premier and ultimate endorsement. Cut to 2023 not much has changed. Brands still leverage the massive amount of love and influence that celebrities bring. 

However now, being a brand of your own isn’t enough, says Kalki Koechlin, who needs no introduction! Known for her unconventional body of work, the recipient of the National Film Award believes before partnering with celebrities, brands should focus on authenticity. 

Celebrity partnership is easier said than done. Hence, People Matters got into an exclusive conversation with Kalki, because who better than a star to talk about celebrity partnerships? Here are significant yet simple ways to do celebrity partnership right. 

Synergy between celeb and brand

The endorsements that live by fame can turn out to be short-term and unproductive. That’s why, one should consider factors such as compatible followers, the content of posts, audience engagement, and past brand activity. However, the most important of them all is “synergy between celebs and brands,” Kalki Koechlin told People Matters. 

“When it comes to brand partnerships, numerous factors are considered before finalising the association. For instance, my lineage and faith in French beauty was an instant connection with Pilgrim (a homegrown vegan D2C beauty and personal care brand). Their ethos, brand values and vision again is something I believe in,” said the actress. 

“Such partnership creates a synergy between celebs and brands. When you have faith and trust in what the brand offers and what they are building towards, you naturally become an advocate for them without any forced connection,” added Kalki.

Understand the preferences of the target audience 

It’s no secret that stars add a lot of value to a burgeoning business, but a partnership that doesn’t sit well with your target audience can lead to widespread devaluation and embarrassment. 

“The younger, new-age brands are extremely conscious and selective about bringing the right face for their brand. It is important to first deep dive into understanding the preferences of the target audience, their likes and dislikes, and their values and then look out for the celebrity that matches the brand’s findings,” suggested the star, who is also a female activist. 

“Indeed the task will involve some additional steps but I think doing the mapping first increases the chances of finding the ideal fit which in turn delivers a larger impact,” she added. 

Aligned ideologies 

In the digital age, just being a celebrity is not enough to bring success to a brand. Instead, the partnership process needs to be thoughtful for a deeper understanding, a strong connection and resonation with the brand values and offerings. 

“Nowadays customers can easily identify when the celeb is not the right fit for the brand. If leaders start emphasising on aligned ideologies, it will bring the necessary change in the industry. Remember to be mindful in the selection process. I believe a partnership that’s built on shared values can reap multifold benefits for both the brand and the celebrity,” the actress told PM.

Unified goal 

Kalki Koechlin is one of those celebrities who doesn’t mind passing a proposal if she feels, “it is not the ideal fit with her values or ethos. Hence, the face of some of the top global brands strongly suggested to steer clear of mindless associations. Instead, “put effort to empower the audience and spread awareness about the right offerings,” concluded the actress. 

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