Article: Emotional Intelligence leads to business sustainability


Emotional Intelligence leads to business sustainability

Emotional intelligence is a vital ingredient for success even for leaders with excellent experience and knowledge
Emotional Intelligence leads to business sustainability

In the era of globalization, “Talents" operate not only across value systems but also virtually, requiring high level of Emotional Intelligence, which has now become indispensable for sustainable success.

A high-powered boss could lead a team to poor performance and kill the teams’ morale such that the team members are psychologically overloaded and disengaged, eventually leading to deteriorating productivity - It’s detrimental!

For sustainable business success; a leader in their day-to-day execution needs to exhibit high level of EI by;

  1. Evaluating the teams’ readiness by analyzing their competencies and inclination
  2. Orchestrating the conversation while the team members are sharing their views; following a directing not the dictating approach
  3. Learning to channelize the given leadership power in a productive and rewarding direction
  4. Dissolving their egocentric and pig-headed stubbornness, shaping themselves to the situation, especially to overcome the intricate situation
  5. Leading by Example – you’ve a far better chance to overcome crisis in the turbulent times
  6. Practicing Situational Leadership approach as no “one size fits all”

In last couple of years, many researches have shown the prevailing importance of a high Emotional Quotient (EQ) for the leaders to succeed in emerging global business environment. EI significance to business sustainability has continued to be a topic of discussion and debate.

It’s time for the entrepreneurs and his budding leaders to understand that even if you possess a qualification from a reputed educational institute, great ideas and endless supply of knowledge; without high EQ you would never make an efficient leader, as high EQ leads to leadership success.

Most organizations invest less time to differentiate between a competent and an incompetent leader because of the tactical approach and one- dimensional (Financial Driven) thinking.

In order to achieve business sustainability and success, an organization should be “People & Financial Driven”.

Promotion to Leadership position is awarded without validating; there are no structured guidelines or competency models followed. It just happens with the decision maker’s gut feeling, face value or based on relationship.

There is no doubt that if the leaders are using other emotional means for differentiating without following the structured guidelines; they are emotionally incompetent leaders, which needs immediate attention.

To strive towards building a competent leadership pipeline and to mitigate the risk of inadequacy - the entrepreneurs and budding leaders should follow both value and structure-oriented approach. *“HR leaders” need to act as a strategic partner to guarantee their viability and ability to contribute to the business success.

It’s time for the “Top Leaders” to wake up, especially if their objectives are to - achieve business sustainability success and be an “Employer of Choice” Organization.

A timely communication and training to incompetent leaders should be a continuous process until the organization is assured of his performance and deliverables as a leader.

Apart from implementing best practices and technology for accelerating the financial growth; the leaders in the coming times require to focus on accelerating self-growth especially in the areas of emotional intelligence, as this is equally important for a sustainable success.

Mantras for accelerating Emotional Intelligence –

  1. Self-Awareness & Regulation
  2. Self-Motivation
  3. Empathy
  4. Social Skills

Being aware and constantly watching your own emotion, directing and managing your emotions in a controlled manner, recognizing self and others’ feelings, motivating oneself and building a relationship by keeping oneself distinct but at the same time associated. These qualities may not sound apt from the business context but researches have shown a direct tie between emotional intelligence and measurable business results.

Success of these mantras could be achieved and experienced through “Perseverance” and “Introspection”.

Embracing the change of thoughts to accommodate the needs and demands of a multi-generation workforce in varied situations is challenging but not impossible. Challenges can be met by constantly striving towards achieving step-by-step success in accelerating one’s emotional intelligence.

In the coming times, the leaders that follow one-dimensional thinking will find it difficult to sustain. In the times of uncertainty, the leaders with high EQ will survive efficiently without much damage.

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