Article: Empowering women in electronics: The journey of Maheswari Krishnasamy


Empowering women in electronics: The journey of Maheswari Krishnasamy

Maheswari Krishnasamy's incorporation of AI for innovation, coupled with her vision for sustainable growth and the empowerment of women professionals, shapes a forward-thinking narrative in corporate leadership.
Empowering women in electronics: The journey of Maheswari Krishnasamy

In the dynamic landscape of corporate leadership, narratives of perseverance and inclusive growth stand as beacons of inspiration. Maheswari Krishnasamy, Executive Director of Versa Drives Private Limited, gracefully embodies such resilience. From her beginnings as a junior engineer to her current role at the helm of Versa Drives, Ms. Krishnasamy's journey is a testament to her unwavering dedication, inspiring women navigating similar paths in the field. Here, we delve into her insights and experiences in leadership, diversity, technology, and the future of the electronics industry, offering valuable lessons and inspiration for aspiring women leaders

How has your journey from a junior engineer to the Executive Director of Versa Drives shaped your leadership approach and perspective on navigating challenges in the corporate world?

The journey from a junior engineer to the Executive Director of Versa Drives has been an adventure filled with a blend of challenges, successes, learning moments, and failures. At the heart of it all lies an ever-present spirit of exploration and a willingness to embrace mistakes for learning and succeeding. Our ethos at Versa Drives has always been that of trailblazers—whether in product development, operations, administration, or accounting. This environment has offered endless challenges and opportunities, leading to a dynamic evolution of roles that culminated in my current position as the Executive Director.

At Versa Drives, every day is a learning opportunity that contributes both professionally and personally. My mentors, Mr. Sundar and Mr. Durga, our founders, with their high expectations and supportive challenges, have significantly shaped my approach by instilling a belief in action and integrity. Since the age of 20, Versa Drives has been more than just a workplace—it has been my sanctuary, offering not only meaningful and fulfilling work but also unwavering recognition and the liberty to authentically express myself.

As a woman leader in the electronics industry, what challenges have you faced, and how do you advocate for diversity and inclusivity within Versa Drives and the industry at large? 

Navigating the electronics industry as a woman has underscored the importance of patience, persistence, and profound expertise. The challenges are not unique to this industry; they exist across sectors and demand resilience and unwavering dedication. At Versa Drives, the belief is that engineering transcends gender—every engineer, regardless of gender, contributes equally. This is beyond our design department; in our production, all the processes are handled by men and women, which is not the norm.

Traditionally perceived as male-dominated, the electronics industry offers ample space for women, especially given inherent characteristics like meticulousness, patience, and precision. Versa Drives' commitment to diversity and inclusivity is evident in our organisation's substantial proportion of women leaders; we value hard work, skill, and ethical conduct over gender.

How does Versa Drives plan to integrate Generative AI into its future initiatives, ensuring the company stays ahead in innovation and adapts to the changing technology landscape and consumer preferences?

Generative AI represents a significant leap forward in technology accessibility, offering tools to enhance innovation processes through faster data understanding and processing. At Versa Drives, we recognise and have begun utilising AI tools to streamline operations, reduce errors, and support the professional development of our engineers. Our approach to AI tools involves leveraging them to eliminate repetitive tasks, enhance work efficiency, and provide a robust training platform for fresh engineers across disciplines. As we look to the future, we focus on harnessing AI to bolster our pioneering spirit and ensure that our products and services remain at the cutting edge, AI-proof, and aligned with evolving consumer needs.

In a male-dominated field, how do you see your role in dismantling barriers, and what advice do you have for aspiring women professionals in consumer technology?

The journey in a traditionally male-dominated industry begins with a commitment to your goals, complemented by hard work and, sometimes, smart work. It's crucial to view the sector beyond the lens of gender domination and concentrate on determination, potential contribution, and focus. The electronics field, historically inclusive of women in academic settings, demonstrates women's indispensable role due to their attention to detail, precision, and patience. I advise aspiring women professionals to pursue their ambitions, leveraging their unique strengths to excel in consumer technology.

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As a seasoned professional, how do you foresee Versa Drives evolving in the next decade, and what initiatives are you prioritising for continued growth and success?

Versa Drives stands as one of the few Indian motor control companies. Our future vision is to leverage our expertise in motor control to be an integral part of next-generation technologies like EVs, drones, super-efficient home appliances, and solar-powered systems. Our core values of sustainability in all aspects of the business and being equitable to all stakeholders will guide our product development and business strategies, aiming to positively impact all stakeholders, including members, suppliers, associates, consumers, the environment, nation, and society.

To realise this, we are building a robust, independent team and systems imbued with the Versa Drives culture, ensuring our legacy of innovation and excellence continues for the next 30 years and beyond.

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