Article: Failure to launch - Overcoming leadership vacuum


Failure to launch - Overcoming leadership vacuum

Is there a list of expected behaviors and actions for leaders that can build trust and motivate people
Failure to launch - Overcoming leadership vacuum
"Leadership is an intriguing subject,“ said Varun, my young friend who had just completed two years in his first role with a large Indian company. An MBA graduate from a highly ranked business school, he had been a good student and it was great to see that his energy and passion had not dimmed at all! However, his comment provoked an inquiry and I asked him as to what made him make that comment. He said that we learned so much about leadership principles and the behaviors associated with it but what we experience in our day to day life in organizations is so vastly different — it’s like the difference between chalk and cheese!  “It’s the simple things that don’t get done or happen – forget the big lofty ideas and concepts of leadership” he said with a sense of frustration. “We live in the present — in the day-to-day task world, almost in private not wanting to connect in a human way with both our vulnerabilities and str...
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