Article: Getting ready for 2016 - New Year resolutions for CHROs


Getting ready for 2016 - New Year resolutions for CHROs

Prepare your own New Year resolution, make it real, actionable.
Getting ready for 2016 - New Year resolutions for CHROs

Beginning of the New Year is the time to start making a game plan for your HR strategy that you need or want to see accomplished, but somehow never manage to get the time to do. Create your own list by brainstorming on your business’ ‘Big Rocks’ – the most impactful efforts that will bring not only short-term but long-term business results. Here is our list of New Year's resolutions for CHROs in 2016.

A checklist: Create your own New Year resolution list for 2016

Prepare your own New Year resolution, make it real, actionable. Get your team involved, it will restore and renew your energy to take on the possibilities of the New Year. Here are some of the things to consider:

  • Consider taking stock on where are you today: Do an audit, do a benefits utilization review, conduct an employee satisfaction survey, get a view on where you stand.

  • Prioritize long-term efforts: get your succession planning in place, implement a entry level training program, focus on upgrading your middle management effectiveness training, start or strengthen employee R&R programs, incorporate social in your recruitment efforts.

  • Don’t forget the hygiene factors: Update employee handbook, review data sanity of employee personnel files, review the use of company subscriptions to product and services that you may not be using anymore. 

  • Sharpening HR’s Saw: Attend events, roundtables, and conferences to learn, experience and expand your professional network. Catch up you’re your HR reading list. Update your social profiles. Draft your own development goals for 2016. 


Resolution #1

Think about the long-term viability of my organization. 

Today what business needs from HR is not partnership but acceleration of business impact. CHROs must contribute a vision, purpose and a unique point of view and to be able to do that, I resolve to spend at least two hours a week enhancing my knowledge and understating of the future of work, the worker and the workplace. 

Resolution #2

Pay attention of the generation mix at the workplace.

In the next 3 to 5 years, post millennial will be joining the workforce adding to the complexity of juggling with a multi-generational population at work. Understanding & designing an approach to managing this complexity will be a critical component for employee engagement. I resolve to take this challenge head on and create a plan to manage multi-generational staff, from workplace environment, to policies and procedures, to training, to focus on inclusiveness culture. I will make 2016 the year when we understand the differences between generations and we create a laser focus plan to enable success for every individual. 

Resolution #3

Wellness on top of the talent agenda

Sitting is the new smoking. Sedentary lifestyle has a very serious implication on health and wellbeing and that in turn creates absenteeism, and loss of productivity. There are many ways that organizations can support employees to make better choices, from nutrition, to exercise, to sleep habits – from introducing gamification into wellness, employee engagement activities that include outdoor activities, changing seating to walking meetings, online programs that encourage moving every hour.  In 2016, I resolve that I will take a more proactive approach to enable employee wellness. 

Resolution #4

Making Performance Process a two-way street

For the last 2 years organizations have been trying to change the way they look at performance management and struggling in this process. The need of the hour is to move from a yearly tick-in-the-box approach to an ongoing exercise that brings together managers and team members for a constructive discussion. In 2016, I resolve that I will train our managers to understand that our role as managers is not to review but to enable, and if we focus on giving frequent feedback to our teams, then success will be a two-way street.

Resolution #5

Bringing Social and Mobility in all HR processes

Social is nothing more than a communication tool and mobile is nothing else than a channel to community. It is time for CHROs to finally take on this new tools and channels head on. Social is an indispensable tool today to engage and attract potential candidates and communicate with current employees. Mobile is in many ways the most effective channel today for communication and work. In 2016, I resolve that I will not hesitate to incorporate social and mobile across the HR function. 

Resolution #6

Apply data-driven approach to unpredictable business of HR

Progressive companies are leveraging the power of data analytics in talent acquisition, L&D and employee engagement. CHROs have a historical opportunity today to make predictions by converting diverse from different parts of the organization, asking the right questions and leveraging technologies and tools available. In 2016, I resolve to quit avoiding incorporating a data-driven approach to the HR function.

Resolution #7

Looking at alternative talent arrangements.

Today organizations are looking at contingent workers more than ever before, this trend is driven both by the need of the employer in terms of costs, financial structure and the need for particular skills just temporarily but also driven by the talent themselves that is looking for more flexible arrangements that provide an opportunity to increase their experiences and career richness. In 2016,I resolve to that I will take proactive approach to workforce planning and incorporate a plan to attract, manage and engage contingent workforce. 

Resolution #8

Sharpening the Saw

HR leaders and HR teams are under tremendous pressure to upgrade themselves (as it is true in all other functions in the organization). The importance of functional deep expertise continues to be very important, and this is coupled with new skills that HR leaders must possess, analytical thinking, technology implementation, managing large transformational change. In 2016, I resolve to work on improving the skills and knowledge from everybody in the HR teams. I will co-create with my team a development plan that encompasses a continuing education process. 

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