Article: How to elevate yourself from a good boss to a truly effective leader


How to elevate yourself from a good boss to a truly effective leader

Discover key insights from industry leaders on transforming from a good boss to a truly effective leader through purpose, empowerment, and leading by example.
How to elevate yourself from a good boss to a truly effective leader

The distinction between a good boss and a truly effective leader has never been more critical. Industry captains share their perspectives on defining purpose, empowering teams, and leading by example to become effective leaders. They emphasise creating an inclusive, respectful, and visionary work environment that fosters growth and innovation.

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The purpose must be defined

Varadharaju Janardhanan, Vice President - HR, Flipkart, believes that the journey of a leader begins with having a clear purpose. “Once the purpose is clearly defined, the next step is to build a sense of belonging. For this, leaders need to frequently communicate with the team so that everyone understands the vision. Empowering the team is crucial, allowing them to achieve their goals in a safe and productive environment. An effective leader is self-assured and acts like an invisible hand, empowering the team to succeed.”

Empowering the team is crucial

"To elevate as a leader and differentiate oneself from a boss, creating a more congenial working space is essential. This space should allow team members to express their views and opinions and feel important. A leader is as good as their team; until the team performs, a leader cannot showcase their role effectively. Empowering team members is crucial for growth,” notes Abhisekh Rudra, Head HR, Reliance Composites Solutions (RCS) Reliance Industries.

Lead by example

Deepak Dobriyal, Senior VP, Global Talent Management, Birlasoft, says a vision is crucial to be a truly effective leader. “This vision should be exciting, motivating everyone to strive towards it. Along with the vision, leaders must create a great culture where everyone respects each other, which comes from leading by example.”

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