Article: HR Audit Study 2016

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HR Audit Study 2016

The 2016 People Maters HR Audit Study asked companies in India Inc. about their HR auditing processes. With a detailed survey, expert opinions and in-depth interviews with leading companies with best practices, we present the findings of the study in this feature.
HR Audit Study 2016
HR Audits is a process that is routinely undertaken in 8 out of 10 companies, but as many as 96 percent of organizations do not have dedicated HR resources for audits, according to the People Matters HR Audit Study 2016. In a first-of-its-kind benchmarking exercise, People Matters HR Audit Study asked companies in India Inc. about their HR audits procedures, which included the frequency of their HR audits, types of audits, length of an audit engagement, processes that are audited and benefits accrued, among others.  The assertions made through the study are a result of the compilation of the responses of the 72 companies that participated in the survey which was rolled out during December ’15 and January ’16 and aimed at learning about various HR audits practices in organizations to benchmark the audit procedures in India Corporation along with other notable metrics. Qualitative interviews were also conducted with HR heads of leading organizations as a part of the s...
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