Article: If you aren’t agile, the future is fragile


If you aren’t agile, the future is fragile

In today’s constantly changing times, agile leadership is the thing that can ensure the relevance and success of organizations.
If you aren’t agile, the future is fragile
Recently, the corporate world woke up to the news of General Electric (GE) unexpectedly ousting CEO John Flannery in little more than a year. The frustration of the board due to the slow pace of change under Flannery is being cited as one of the major reasons for this abrupt move.  Over the years, 21st century leaders have started acknowledging the need to be agile in fast-paced, uncertain and highly competitive business environments. They have made a shift from the principles of Taylorism to something that many of us would relate to as “agile leadership.”  Leadership agility is defined as the ability to take action in complex and constantly changing situations. It is the ability to foresee dynamic situations and to respond to them appropriately. The same goes for agile organizations and teams. However, leading teams across generations, cultures and geographies with diverse needs, wants and motivations can pose several challenges to leaders. In addition, the global economy is w...
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