Article: Leadership: In Search Of Change Maestros


Leadership: In Search Of Change Maestros

In their latest book, In Search of Change Maestrosi, Dr. Pritam Singh and Dr. Asha Bhandarker from MDI study the methods of seven successful Indian business leaders and outline the 'Change Maestro DNA' in the Indian context

The research describe the required traits and capabilities to be a change agent in the Indian corporate context.


7 Great Indian wealth creators and Institution builders


As India becomes a central and important player in the global economy, identifying, recognizing and honoring its leaders and their contribution creates a very useful guide for understanding the leadership traits that succeed in the Indian eco-system. It also helps create role models for a new generation of entrepreneurs. In their latest book, In Search of Change Maestrosi, Dr. Pritam Singh and Dr. Asha Bhandarker from MDI study the methods of seven successful Indian business leaders and outline the ‘Change Maestro DNA’ in the Indian context
This is the introduction to a seven-part series that will explore the stories of these seven leaders

In a society that is experiencing poor perception of leadership at all levels - political, social, economic, religious and academic, such ‘Change Maestros’ revive faith in the power of leadership for building organizational change. Following a systematic scientific analysis and intensive research spread over three years, the authors identify the leadership traits of the seven ‘Change Maestros’ and the characteristics of the organizational culture they have created, in their mission to understand what makes each of them a great leader in the Indian context.
The research unfolds the stories of the seven unique leaders who, in their unending quest to bring change in these organizations, also have a deep and positive impact on increasingly large number of people who become partners in the change process. The research reveals the following common elements of their leadership styles and their persona.
Highly ethical, ambitious and global perspective coupled with innovative thinking.
Significant understanding of themselves and alignment between their vision and their actions. They mean what they say, they walk-the-talk.
Big dreamers with great ambition and global vision. Bold, courageous and passionate with a powerful entrepreneurial spirit.
Strong connect with their past, their families and Gandhi as role models.
Tremendous similarities in terms of their attributes and leadership competencies frameworks.
Aesthetically turner in and particular about the places they create in the organizations, for themselves and for their employees.
These attributes are consistent across the very diverse and eclectic profiles of the Change Maestros researched; the results bring soul, mind and body together to describe the required traits and capabilities to be a change agent in the Indian corporate context.


Looking within, Looking Around, and Looking within
The story of a man who took over the reins of India’s largest business empires and took the group to new heights. In a span of just 12 years, Aditya Birla Group expanded globally and transformed a traditional, conservative group into a modern institution.
- Kumar Mangalam Birla, Chairman, Aditya Birla Group

Renaissance Artiste
A look into the work of an administrative genius who left behind a rich legacy of contribution from district magistrate, to Joint Secretary of Department of Banking and Finance followed by Chairmanship of UTI, IDBI and finally, at SEBI. A man who rewrote the destiny of three commercial banks (Bank of India, UCO Bank and Indian Bank) and re-architected SEBI from being a regulatory body to a developmental institution.
- Meleveetil Damodaran, Former Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Board of India

Romancing Limitless Growth
The story of a man who transformed a manufacturer of steel pipes to a conglomerate with interests in steel, cement, power, and ports. A breathtaking journey of taking JSW from 93 crore in 1993 company to 12,700 crore company in 2008 and with an ambition to attain 50,000 crore by 2012.
- Sajjan Jindal, Vice Chairman, Managing Director of JSW Steel

Unfolding the Future with the Present
The journey of a man who redrew the Indian banking landscape. A stunning story of converting a traditional developmental bank into a vibrant, cutting edge, aggressive universal bank. Today ICICI Bank is the second largest Indian bank and its architect KV Kamath one of the most influential corporate personality in India.ii
- Kundapur Vaman Kamath, Non-Executive Chairman, ICICI Bank

The Game Changer
A story of David challenging the mighty Goliaths; Bharti Airtel exploded many myths of managing telecom business profitably by questioning and redefining well-entrenched business models. As a group they had the courage to create transformations that have become global benchmarks for the industry and today they are the fifth largest mobile phone operator in the world.
- Sunil Bharti Mittal, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Bharti Enterprises

Toward the Next Orbit
The exciting saga of a bureaucratic conglomerate that successfully aligned its business models, strategies, structures, processes, culture, and leadership styles with the emerging future. L&T has become one of the most vibrant and creative groups in the Indian corporate world with continued zeal to align its business strategies with national priorities.
- Anil Manibhai Naik, Chairman and Managing Director of Larsen & Toubro

Entrepreneurial Path Breaker
A gripping story of a woman who had the purpose to provide accessible drugs to a society in brink of a major health crisis. Today she has made a place for herself and for her organization in the pharma world. Biacon now ranks among the top 20 global bio-pharma companies.
- Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, MD & Chairman of Biocon

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