Article: Meet Arunima Krishnan, Are You In The List 2021 winner


Meet Arunima Krishnan, Are You In The List 2021 winner

Arunima from Prodapt Solutions believes that from understanding P&L statements to M&A proposals to investors’ expectations, an HR must understand the what and how behind these.
Meet Arunima Krishnan, Are You In The List 2021 winner

Arunima Krishnan| Manager - Talent Development| Prodapt Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Arunima describes herself as a superwoman who has infinite energy to run with her two year old toddler, endless empathy to handle human resources in her organization and is super passionate about chasing extraordinary. 

She grew up watching "I dream of Jeannie" and still believes that the ability to create magic resides in every one of us. She is passionate about Human Resources, and very involved , focused in whatever she does in this realm. It brings her immense peace to get together employee welfare in alignment with business goals. A business leader once described her as a "Roadrunner", charging with high energy towards transforming what HR means in the organization. This has stayed with her since then and no matter which role she takes up, she strives to create the same value.

Back in her college, around a decade ago, HR just felt right and she plunged in thinking how inspiring it would be to be able to make a difference to organization by being close to its people. Once she started her journey as an HR, there was no looking back. There are new experiences and things to learn every day and it's just as exciting as it was 9 years ago when she made the decision to be an HR.

Worn different hats even as an HR

Arunima has had a steep learning curve in HR especially in the last 5 years. Being able to work directly with CEO and CXOs at Prodapt, leading various projects under them, gives one the exposure of not just gaining HR skills but business skills, the ability to see and analyse how an HR initiative can impact the top line. Her biggest differentiator would be that she has worn different hats even as an HR- as someone in Talent Acquisition, or as Talent Development. As driving Rewards Talent Management Initiative or as an HR Business Partner. As a policy maker or a Europe entity set-up specialist. She has not been a jack of all trades, she has been given the guidance to hone herself in every discipline!

Leading with empathy: Key priority 

1. One of the biggest challenges leaders face today is leading with empathy. Empathy and emotional intelligence are extremely important for any individual, but the current times have necessitated leaders especially to be able to work with their teams empathically. 

2. In a VUCA world , with uncertainty and ambiguity at its peak, one of the big challenges is to make your workforce future ready. Anticipating future challenges and being equipped to handle the next disruption is a priority. It's no longer enough to swim with the tides, we need to be ready to ride them.

The one thing I will change in HR 

Embracing Analytics and technology. Become more tech savvy, use AI to predict and analyse patterns and trends across hire to retire cycle and overseeing effective handshake between using automation and human cent

The one thing I will retain in HR 

It is very inspiring to see how Human Resources as a function is not just a cost center anymore. We have transcended to become business partners and enablers. We are a strategic unit and our expertise is relied on to make key decisions. It is an advisory role and that's exciting to be a part of.

Leader who can lead through the crisis 

The foremost characteristic would be the ability to navigate confidently through ambiguity. In times like these, it has also necessitated being able to Lead your team with Empathy. Last but not the least, being Agile and Flexible, to take things in your stride and manage change with vigour is a key attribute if any leader in these times.

The year 2020 has been a jolt to leadership at different levels. Leaders are now more ready to embrace uncertainties in BAU. They've become adaptable, having multiple action plans to counter any probable change. Also, leadership is no longer limited to the board room, leaders have come closer to employees and have become more conversational. This constant communication and easy access to leadership has happened for good.

The leadership journey with People Matters Are You In The List Awards 

The entire process of Are you In The List Awards is so much more than being just a professional validation. 

“The different stages in the process allows us to step into the shoes of a future leader-self, propelling us closer to chasing the aspiration in real life. The various simulations were challenging and at times taxing, but it helped me emerge on the other side as a transformed potential leader. It helps us learn better communication, being resourceful, being able to prioritize and manage time better. One of the greatest learning across all stages was to perform under pressure.”

Vision for HR's future growth 

Arunima believes that human resource can't just be workforce advisory. We must know and contribute to the vision, mission and financial success of the business. From understanding P&L statements to M&A proposals to investors’ expectations, an HR must understand the what and how behind these. Only then can HR leaders effectively manage human capital and align HR initiatives with the organization's goals.

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