Article: Meet Chinmay Jain, Are You In The List 2021 winner


Meet Chinmay Jain, Are You In The List 2021 winner

Jain is passionate about creating superior employee experiences and enabling an environment for learning, performance and employee development.
Meet Chinmay Jain, Are You In The List 2021 winner

Chinmay Jain | Assistant General Manager, Talent Management and HRBP | Aditya Birla Group

Chinmay believes he compliments the meaning of his name - as a person full of energy and life. He describes himself as a self - motivated and hardworking HR professional with the ability to relentlessly work till a task is completed. Not only does he focus on the ‘volume of work’, he is also focused on delivering high standards of quality and accuracy. He also prefers to keep a positive attitude during daunting deadlines and is always available to help coworkers.

As someone who believes that learning is a way of life, Chimay is constantly drawn to opportunities to learn something new, both personally and professionally. Here are excerpts of his outlook on HR and life: 

The power of the human potential 

“I believe strongly in the power of human potential and its ability to influence organization culture and business success. My deep interest and quest in knowing people, understanding their challenges and motivating them to unleash their true potential inspired me to enter the HR field,” he said. 

Leveraging data on customizing experiences

“In every task, I understand the core business principles, internal and external operations, and the vision and goals of the organization. It helps me to strategically tailor and position policies and day-to-day HR activities to best serve the organization and its end customers.” he adds.

He believes that the talent pipeline needs to be differentiated by capabilities, career development, and customized experiences that can be enabled by smart workplace technologies and state of art platforms and policies. 

The one thing I will change in HR 

“One thing that I would want to change in HR is intuition-based decision making. HR needs to have data orientation which supported with technology should be used for effective problem solving. We should be true change agents in these unprecedented times by proactively anticipating needs of the business and the workforce while providing relevant solutions. 

In these times, it is all the more important that HR continues its connect with employees and focus on their well being” 

The one thing I will retain in HR

“I would want to retain the empathy quotient of the HR.”

People solutions should be at the center of business strategy

Chinmay outlines five characteristics that leaders need to display during an uncertain time like this: 

“1. During a crisis, a leader should be accessible. The leader should be present, visible and available.

2. A leader should be empathetic, authentic and true to its employees. 

3. Calm and should demonstrate confidence to keep the employees motivated.

4. Have strong decision making.

5. Have a deep connection with employees and ensure the right communication flows to the last mile employee.” he said.

“Leaders will need to be more empathetic and encouraging and ensure people solutions are at the center of their business strategies. Employee safety and well being will be one of the top most priority. The new age leaders will be more adaptable, flexible and resilient. Resilient leaders stay focused on the horizon, anticipating the new business models that are likely to emerge and sparking the innovations that will define tomorrow,”he adds.

The leadership journey with People Matters Are You In The List Awards

“People Matters Are You In The List Awards is one of the most coveted and recognized platforms for HR professionals that aim to identify future HR leaders. The entire journey gave me an opportunity to self-reflect, understand my strengths and weaknesses and push my limits. It also helped me to benchmark myself against exemplary HR peers from other organizations. Winning and being Part of the List will become a stepping stone in my professional journey,” he noted.

Vision for HR's future

“Tomorrow's HR will need to be broader thinkers, tech savvy and nimble to deal with an agile and new age dynamic workforce. Embracing technology and data orientation will be key agents in HR's future growth. Using data to predict and assess everything from employee retention to recruitment to success of wellness programs will be the key. A major shift from traditional HR policies to new age work practices such as flexi rewards, remote working, flexible working and gig workforce will shape HR's future growth,” he adds.

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