Article: Meet Divyansha Singh Bais, Are You In The List 2021 winner


Meet Divyansha Singh Bais, Are You In The List 2021 winner

Bais changed her career path from being a technology engineer to a role in HR because she believed in her personal experiences and wanted to impact more lives along the way.
Meet Divyansha Singh Bais, Are You In The List 2021 winner

Divyansha Singh Bais | Sr HRBP Tech Center and Lead Talent Management & Branding | Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance

Divyansha describes herself as someone who is one a path to discover the self through a diversity of experiences, and she hopes to help others with her knowledge along the way.

It was her passion for sports and fair play that first got her interested in people. “I'm quite candid,” she says. These behaviors along with an inclination for data analytics helped her impact the lives of many employees in a short span of three years. “My decisions/opinions are driven from the insights, I vocalise and stand for them with reasoning and passion,” she notes. Here are excerpts of her outlook on HR and Life.

Jobs as a bridge to purpose and fulfillment

“Today a “job” is viewed very differently by an employer and a Millennial/Gen Z ‘employee’. While an employer would want you to be dedicated towards the organization or team, my generation tends to view “job” with polarizing views. It is either a task that sustains you and your life goals, hence must pay well (instantly) or it is an extension of your being, hence needs to align with your purpose. I want to bridge this gap, jobs can bring a sense of fulfillment. Employers can also support your life goals, it doesn’t have to be a non-intersecting Venn,” she said.

The one thing I will change in HR 

"The standardized way of operation - and a one size fits all solution for development, benefits, engagement etc. People have very different needs and we should be offering them what adds value to their lives. While this customization might seem time consuming, it can be made efficient with technology and the impact it will have in the lives of people would be worth the investment,” she said.

The one thing I will retain in HR 

“The dedication to evolve as a function with every new change in business, environment and beyond," she noted.

Leaders are not ready-made

“A rosy day is not when leaders are built and tested. In the last 1.5 years, leaders have evolved to be empathetic and open. Listening to your members, anticipating their worries and solving for it in advance is a key characteristic for success of one's team and hence oneself,” she said.

She also describes the shift in leadership. Earlier, people idolized a leader who was strong and relentless, but now people relate with someone who shows their human side. In fact, they expect it.

The leadership journey with People Matters Are You In The List Awards 

“This is a critical platform for growing leaders to evaluate their growth. It is a milestone where one can pause and assess the meaning of their efforts so far and evaluate whether their next steps are aligned with their purpose/career goals. For me, personally, the entire journey has led to quite deep introspection on who I am as a leader and what impact I would like to create. It has also given me an opportunity to meet with leaders who are on a similar journey of their own and that has been quite an experience,” she noted.

Vision for HR's future growth 

“The new generation has changed the scope of the workforce and business models just as much as the customer or business owner. With increased emphasis on diversity, I see HR moving away from labelling/boxing-in talent and becoming more open and creating an environment that is healthy (mentally and physically) and accepting of diversity,” she added.


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