Article: Meet Purnoor Bains, Are You In The List 2019 winner


Meet Purnoor Bains, Are You In The List 2019 winner

Purnoor Bains from Philips India believes that ‘Human Capital’ is the common thread that can help businesses survive and thrive by reinventing the way we do things.
Meet Purnoor Bains, Are You In The List 2019 winner

Purnoor Bains | Senior Manager - Total Rewards | Philips India 

A positive mind finds opportunity in everything. Driven by this strong belief and the desire to learn something new and exciting, Purnoor entered the corporate world 5 years back and have had the great fortune to work with people that have only strengthened this thought! Currently a Rewards professional at Philips, she is working towards delivering business value through talent solutions for a diverse and future ready workforce.

Previously she has worked in various HR roles and projects across Health Systems and Personal Health businesses, which gave her experience in business partnering, learning and development, HR analytics, talent and performance management and employee relations.

“In the ever changing world which is disrupted by technology, business and economic uncertainties, new demands and needs, ‘Human Capital’ is the common thread that can help businesses survive and thrive by reinventing the way we do things,” believes Purnoor Bains, Senior Manager - Total Rewards, Philips India. 

Helping businesses stay relevant & agile

According to Purnoor, the HR domain has the strength to get to know the true pulse of the organization. By offering insights and solutions that connect ideas and people, by strengthening the foundation culturally, and by complementing the organization's strengths with new external perspectives, HR teams can play a key role in achieving business priorities and help organizations stay relevant and agile. 

Purnoor says, “Challenges may be variable, but people potential – enabled by new trends, will keep the organization going.”

Diverse experience & the drive to learn: Key differentiators 

Purnoor has worked across multiple roles within HR (both full time and through Gigs & Projects), industry segments (B2C, B2B, R&D) and geographies (both within and outside India). This diversity of experience has helped her understand and build newer perspectives. She has learnt to challenge her own beliefs and develop more appreciation for the value that different HR verticals and business can bring by working in tandem.

“In this continuous learning journey, I strongly believe that one of the most valuable factors is listening and learning from other’s experiences. I’ve been grateful to have had managers and mentors who’ve challenged me, provided me with a wealth of feedback at the right time (along with the key to work on it) and thus making me almost look forward to it,” shares Purnoor. 

Embracing the new work trends and tech & enabling the workforce: Key talent priority

Given the evolving demand for skills, the talent landscape is increasingly becoming more and more diverse. From skillsets to experience levels, we see multiple talent segments co-existing across teams.

Purnoor feels that organizations must therefore embrace data, technology and digital enablers. While many large organizations have implemented AI powered tools, virtual learning platforms and have adopted flexible workplace practices, there has not yet been a tangible impact. Purnoor’s focus will be on helping her organization imbibe these practices and build a future ready culture. 

With this focus in mind, let's read what vision Purnoor has for HR's growth in the future.

The one thing I will change in HR

It is important to question existing precedence and current practices to evolve with changing times. It is time to remove bias and perceptions and simplify processes and increase transparency. 

The one thing I will retain in HR

Build and maintain trust within the organization by opening channels of communication and feedback, fostering collaboration, and building a strong culture through an ‘intent to action’. 

Vision for HR's future growth 

HR is recognized as a strategic partner in driving business results. In the future, our focus will be on being more agile and innovative in the way we approach and solve people and business challenges.

Design thinking, market intelligence, analytics and change management skills in HR will enable organizations to stay ahead of the curve. Further, customer focus will be a key ask for HR as well, where customers are not only internal employees and prospective candidates, but also end consumers. 

HR teams would have to learn to identify how various initiatives and interventions impact both employee satisfaction and business. 

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