Article: Meet Sajal Mittal, Are You In The List 2021 winner


Meet Sajal Mittal, Are You In The List 2021 winner

Sajal from Mahindra & Mahindra has an enthusiasm to go beyond the challenges that come his way and explore all that life has to offer.
Meet Sajal Mittal, Are You In The List 2021 winner

Sajal Mittal | ER Manager - Training & OD, Automotive Sector M&M Ltd.| Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. 

Sajal is a well rounded HR professional with enriching experience in almost all HR Functions having a specialization in Talent Management, Employee Relations, Learning and OD. Some of his qualities as an HR professional include compassion for people, practical business understanding, a flexible approach to learning & problem solving and his ability to add value to the business of the organization. He believes in striving to become better each day by absorbing the learnings from his daily experiences. Sports is very close to his heart which has set the foundations of ambition, collaboration, patience and perseverance in his life.

While deciding the field which is going to dedicate the rest of his professional life, there was a constant sense, whether there will come a time when the learning saturates due to the nature of the field. When Sajal realized the fact that humans have unlimited potential and the field of HR would let him explore the unexplored realms to find and realize that potential, he  knew he found his calling in HR.

Enhance value proposition of HR 

As an HR Professional, Sajal has been able to enhance the value proposition that HR brings to the table by managing the changing nature of work and enhancing the effectiveness of our employees. Value is relative to the business strategy and it differs from one organization to another. Identifying this value for the business and delivering it effectively is what differentiates him.

Bringing roles in sync with individual calling: Key priority 

One challenge that is constantly present in his mind is to bring an organization to a level where the roles and the nature of work is completely in sync with an individual’s calling in life. This can happen by choosing the right individuals for a role and enriching the roles to meet the individual’s aspirations. When this happens, individuals won’t see work as a means to achieve a bigger goal but the work itself becomes a source of fulfilment.

The one thing I will change in HR 

Sajal has come across many professionals (HR and non-HR) for whom HR does not mean business worth and there is a feeling that HR does not add much value to the organization. He would like to change this perspective about the field by measuring and establishing clear value that an HR brings to the table and realizing the limitless benefit that an HR could bring, when the benefits from improving other functional areas get saturated. 

The one thing I will retain in HR 

Sajal admires the fungibility with which HR functions and gives so much importance to the real human connection. He would like HR to retain the importance it places on the human connect and its compassion towards each individual since an organization is what its people make it to be. 

Leader who can lead through the crisis 

For Sajal, a leader is an individual who inspires people and shows them the way to overcome all barriers and achieve the unimaginable. In these times of rapid rate of change and crisis, a leader should have the foresight and vision to see beyond these changes, keeping in mind the bigger picture for the organization and its people. To make this vision a reality, a leader should demonstrate a keen understanding of the business and be compassionate towards the team who would make her / his vision into reality.

Leadership is a continuous journey and it never stops evolving. In present times the leadership should move towards realizing that one person cannot achieve everything alone and the leader should become a gardener who nourishes the talent to help them bloom by realizing their full potential.

The leadership journey with People Matters Are You In The List Awards

Are You In the List Awards by People Matters is a platform where young emerging HR professionals can gauge their business understanding and leadership capabilities based on the comprehensive evaluation rounds and astute jury. The evaluation process is a combination of real-life problems combined with on-the-feet thinking to display individual leadership and recognizes the best, selected by the best of HR Leaders. 

“People Matters has provided me with the opportunity to compete with the HR professionals pan India and has recognized me to be among the best of Leaders in the field. The platform has made me realize my strengths as an HR Leader and given me a chance to understand the areas where I need to hone my skills. People Matters has given a clear direction to my leadership journey and the inspiration to pursue my goals vigorously going ahead.”

Vision for HR's future growth 

With the pace of advancement in science and technology in human behavior and the various factors impacting the same, in future, HR would become equipped with the tools to objectively identify the organizational challenges and their impacts on the employee behavior. This would enable them to change the ecosystem of work in an organization and create a culture fostering unhindered growth of the individual along with that of the organization.

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