Article: Meet Shrusti Mohanty, Are You In The List 2019 winner


Meet Shrusti Mohanty, Are You In The List 2019 winner

HR Business Partner at Capgemini, Shursti Mohanty aspires to help leaders and companies become more inclusive.
Meet Shrusti Mohanty, Are You In The List 2019 winner

Shrusti Mohanty | HR Business Partner | Capgemini

“An HR professional by day, and a writer by night, I love to travel, and share stories of all my travel misadventures on my blog,” shares Shrusti.

Fascinated by great kings and queens who ran empires spanning thousands of miles, in a just and inclusive manner, Shrusti decided to be in a career that allows her to find and develop more such leaders.

"I believe it is important to build a strong leadership pipeline, one that will always support innovation," shares Shrusti Mohanty, HR Business Partner, Capgemini. 

Developing inclusive leaders and culture by being in the HR function

Shrusti was inspired by how the leaders in history have led people in a fair and just manner. Today, as tech advances and the world comes closer, it has become more important to create an ecosystem where everyone can work together peacefully and seamlessly, free of bias and prejudices. Shrusti is excited to be in a profession which enables her to live this dream of creating a force of inclusive leaders along with an inclusive culture. 

Driven to make a difference

There are always great ideas, but in order for any of them to move from theory to practice to create visible impact, one needs to be driven in the right way, and Shrusti believes that she has that drive. 

Understanding the new work trends and helping organizations stay relevant: Key priority

The focus for Shrusti will be on learning more about the different elements shaping the current talent landscape and preparing for the trends that might image in the future. For her the biggest priority will be educating herself and her organization about various aspects impacting the world of work and their business. For instance, identifying how compensation and performance decisions will be taken for the freelance workers. On the basis of this knowledge and research then she can help business leaders make better talent decisions. 

With this aspiration, let's read what Shrusti plans to change and retain in the HR function.

The one thing I will change in HR

The priorities of our business stakeholders, in response to changes in the market are constantly evolving,  et we are often unable to keep up. Too often we only rely on established processes and there is a reluctance to experiment, to adapt. This resistance to change has to be worked on. In fact, HR professional should be the one suggesting new solutions and be the ambassador of innovation in their company. 

The one thing I will retain in HR

Ability to add a method to the madness! HR brings in governance and a mechanism to sustain ideas, initiatives and programs.

Vision for HR's future growth

Transforming the HR workforce into being multi-skilled - Technically, Emotionally and Socially. A workforce that invests in its own upskilling to grow and be capable of handling and assuming leadership positions across the board, including business roles.

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