Article: Podcast: Building antifragile organizations and an adaptable HR function


Podcast: Building antifragile organizations and an adaptable HR function

In this podcast, listen to the CEO and Editor-in-Chief of People Matters, Ester Martinez, as she interacts with Yasmin Taj, Senior Editor, People Matters on why being adaptable is the way forward for organizations and talent leaders as the company gears up for hosting People Matters TechHR India, the ‘pilgrimage’ for leaders.
Podcast: Building antifragile organizations and an adaptable HR function

As we look around, there are a number of businesses that are sustaining this crisis pretty well, while some have crashed and some are flourishing irrespective of the pandemic. According to Ester Martinez, CEO and Editor-in-Chief, People Matters being adaptable, and being antifragile will prove to be the key drivers of navigating through the crisis. 

In this exclusive podcast, Ester spoke to Yasmin to delve deeper into why Adaptable is the way forward as we rewrite the playbook of HR and Work Tech as we prepare for the Big Reset and why People Matters TechHR India is the ultimate virtual conference where we will find answers to everything regarding this Big Reset!

Here is a quick look into the conversation:

Antifragility is beyond resilience or robustness. The resilient resists shocks and stays the same; the antifragile gets better.

The above quote is taken from the book, Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. What really makes this quote the most powerful quote in today’s time is creating a truly rock-solid culture that always looks at innovating, and disrupting themselves will withstand the unpleasant vicissitudes of business and unexpected events powerfully when they arise.

Ester feels being antifragile, being adaptable will help leaders pull their organizations out of the looming crisis and derive opportunities in the misery. 

Ester shares that while preparing for the People Matters TechHR India session with Nassim Nicholas Taleb, whom we all can hear on 10th August on “Building Antifragile Organizations”, Taleb shared an example of a friend who was an uber driver and overnight his business stopped. While he could have fret over the situation, he instead changed his line of profession and started doing home deliveries. And when he reflected upon his change in profession, he found that he made more business in the last four months than he had ever done before.

“I think the organizations that have built a culture of experimentation, a culture of trying new things, a culture of failing and succeeding, and a culture of empowering individuals are those organizations that will be able to navigate through the crisis,” shares Ester.

Most successful organizations do not like volatility, randomness, uncertainty, disorder, errors, stressors, and chaos. Yet we are in a world where disruption and randomness are increasing. Organizations that gain from randomness will dominate, and organizations that are hurt by it will go away.

What makes this podcast really more interesting is for the very first time, Ester gets candid about People Matters’ transformation where she shares her own reflections, learnings and transformation journey that makes People Matters antifragile.

The podcast also captures how the upcoming virtual conference People Matters TechHR India, from August 10th-14th, will be more human, more collaborative, and more connected than ever. 

Adding on to the concept of Anti-fragility, Ester shares, “People Matters TechHR India will be more about understanding that there are no best practices or scripted ways of doing things anymore. The conference will be all about coming together to reflect on what next and collaboratively find a solution to the next uncertainty in-line.

The great line of speakers, indispensable content-rich sessions, and obviously, a lot of fun makes People Matters TechHR the ‘pilgrimage’ for talent leaders, and the leaders associated with people, work, and technology. 

Listen to this interesting conversation between Ester Martinez, CEO and Editor-in-Chief, People Matters, and Yasmin Taj, Senior Editor, People Matters where Ester shares about rewriting the playbook of HR and Work Tech by building antifragile organizations and adaptable HR functions. 

Join us for the People Matters TechHR India Virtual Conference and help us in rewriting the playbook of HR and Work Tech, here.

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