Article: Politics & Management - Different worlds or not!


Politics & Management - Different worlds or not!

Can a mass shift in political ideology spill over to corporations? Does it have the potential to generate new kinds of beliefs around leadership?
Politics & Management - Different worlds or not!
Does the world of political ideologies touch, impact and shape management thoughts of its times? May be it does, in fathomable and unfathomable ways. Post the two world wars, management got impacted with the flirtations of global political systems with the two poles of political formations — Communism and Capitalism. The fortunes of these two swung with times, with the general opinion in favor of capitalism in the beginning the second half of the twentieth century, and certainly gaining momentum towards the last two decades. One can argue that the intellectual and philosophical basis in favor of globalization emerged from these ideological beliefs. The notions of rationality of capital, freedom of consumer choice, laissez-faire and a general bias towards the primacy of individual rights to hold thoughts, respect for beliefs, tolerance to dissent, accommodation for alternative narratives etc. got further strengthened with the concurrent rise of democratic and liberal political ...
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Topics: Culture, Leadership

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