Article: Revolutionise your HR with future visionaries at People Matters TechHR India masterclasses


Revolutionise your HR with future visionaries at People Matters TechHR India masterclasses

In a rapidly evolving talent landscape with massive transformations introduced by AI, People Matters TechHR India brings you a series of path breaking masterclasses.
Revolutionise your HR with future visionaries at People Matters TechHR India masterclasses

The quest of every human begins with mastery to add value to life. And in recent times, masterclasses have become the ideal place to gain expert insights and design a roadmap of solutions, in a shorter span of time. As Asia’s largest HR and Worktech conference, People Matters TechHR India endeavours to get you the best insights from the industry, this year’s masterclasses are curated to empower you to learn ‘the art of the possible.’

Rethinking in the AI Age

It has been a time of change - of new technological evolution and revolution. For all those fearful of the warnings from AI experts on ‘extinction of humanity with the AI revolution,’ Dr Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic will bring forth his ideas on why the need for change in leadership styles amid the rapid growth of AI. In his masterclass, Dr Tomas will delve into the implications of AI on leadership and share practical recommendations on leading in the age of AI. That’s not all of it though. You will also get a glimpse into AI’s impact on HR tech along with an introduction to the new ways in which you can leverage AI to make better decisions and improve the ability to hire right. The author and psychologist is geared up to bridge the gap in your minds about the AI age for humankind. So, don’t forget to join with your team to get all the answers you have been looking for on AI, ChatGPT and immersive technologies and get set to govern the next decade with a masterclass on ‘Rethinking Leadership In the AI age’ with the CIO at ManpowerGroup. 

We can't deny that there is ample fear among leaders listening to the different sides of AI revolution- one, where it could take away jobs from humans, and the other, where there will be creation of more new jobs. Stuck in this push and pull zone, getting hands-on knowledge about technology and how it will change the way we work with a visionary, who's just published a book titled, I, Human is a good place to start. 

Preparing for the Next Revolution 

Now that uncertainties about the future plague us, especially in the employment landscape, Brian Sommer brings forth an interesting topic in his masterclass, ‘Prepping For The Next HR Revolution: How To Get Your Strategy Right’. The president and founder of TechVentive believes that the changing technology, business conditions and workforce might be some of the reasons many HR teams want to create a new HR strategy. But crafting an effective and relevant strategy requires detailed preparation. Through this masterclass, you can gain lessons and best practices that he recommends based on his innumerable client interactions. So, get your best people to dive into the new strategic issues, anticipate and find answers to the expectations of the executive committee and board.

Imagining a better and inclusive future has been on all our minds, but predicting and equipping ourselves with the right strategies can be a key differentiator as we move ahead in the unconventional times. With Brian’s expertise on the subject, you sure have the opportunity to change your approach to problems and find solutions.  

Unlocking a New Path 

With the best of HR and worktech, the ‘father of modern HR’, Dave Ulrich can’t be far behind. He is all set to deliver a masterclass on ‘Charting A New Course For HR Work: Action Plan For CHROs’. Three years into the global pandemic and old patterns of doing business are no longer effective in delivering the desired impact, as sophisticated technologies emerge and human behaviour undergoes changes. Dave knows that a march towards such a complex future will inevitably be bumpy and requires reinventing how the HR function operates. That’s why, this masterclass on popular demand is designed for CHROs and senior functional heads, to provide a comprehensive list of ten criteria for an effective HR function. In addition, you will have a chance to explore how each of these criteria can be improved with specific action plans as HR becomes a contributor to value creation. 

With the role of HR taking centerstage, it is essential for CHROs to have the best possible action plan to lead people through the AI-first world. With the world of work, as we know it, undergoing transformation, building a new course might be just what you need for your organisation. 

So, don’t wait up and gear up to be brave and bold. Join us for masterclasses with the future leaders, who will guide you through the rapidly transforming world of work, and empower you to thrive at People Matters TechHR India on August 3 and 4 at Leela Ambience, Gurugram. Register now!


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