Article: Scaling your HiPo Development: Introducing the Hogan Report


Scaling your HiPo Development: Introducing the Hogan Report

Through this session, you will learn about identifying and developing your high potentials and how you can achieve this easily and effectively using Hogan High Potential Model.

As Talent Management professionals, our organizations depend on us to help build and sustain a healthy leadership pipeline as a competitive advantage. Building scalable high potential development programs is often a challenge. This session addressed some of the challenges associated with identifying and developing HiPo and offer an easy to deploy, scientifically validated, approach to HiPo Development. 

Some of the key insights from the session were:

Emergence is not Effectiveness:

Effective leadership and emergent leadership are not the same things. Emergent is leaders who show up as leaders whereas effective are the leaders who are able to build and sustain high performing teams that beat the competition. Highly emergent people are often managing up whereas highly effective people are often managing down i.e. they enable other people in their teams to be successful. In most HiPo identification process tends to identify emergent managers and often overlook effective and humble leaders.

Challenges in identifying HiPo:

The road to identify High potentials is paid with good intentions but not necessarily most effective because many a time’s past performances are used to predict future performance but don't turn out to be an effective predictor. Judgments are often plagued by bias and politics and hidden potentials are often overlooked.

Hogan HiPo Model:

The Hogan High Potential model is the industry’s only theory-driven model on the market. It is anchored by two aspects of theory, one which is socio analytics theory which states that a leader’s personality impacts leadership performance and hence organizational performance. The other theoretical aspect that anchors Hogan HiPo model is the academic world on leadership effectiveness and emergence which is shown to us that effective leaders are not always emergent and emergent leaders are not always effective. The Hogan model talks about Leadership Effectiveness, Leadership Emergence, and Leadership Foundation and is based on predictive science and past ROI data and helps individuals harness hidden potential and prioritize the area of development for an upcoming leader. Additionally, it identifies the underpinnings of associated challenges.

Hogan model is a scalable way to assess, manage, develop, and strengthen your High Potential Talent Pool.

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