Article: Talking Matters: Radio Program with Banmali Agarwala

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Talking Matters: Radio Program with Banmali Agarwala


Banmali Agarwala, President and CEO for GE, South Asia shares insights and learnings from his journey to success
Talking Matters: Radio Program with Banmali Agarwala
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The term High Potential came into being quite recently however, high potentials have always been there, shining bright and leading organizations to enormous growth. A few years back, the HiPos might not have been called the HiPos but were invested in hugely by the companies with strong trust in their outstanding capabilities. The last radio program of the HiPo Week by People Matters and Right Management with Banmali Agarwala, President and CEO for GE, South Asia as the guest speaker began on a similar note as he shared his early days of being seen as a high performer and being given larger roles to perform was his indicator of the fact that he is being considered a HiPo.

He said, “With success, identification and appreciation comes great excitement and exhilaration which might sometimes even transform into arrogance and superiority which really needs to be checked early otherwise a HiPo may lose value. When one is valued and appreciated, it is a sign that one should be able to do something bigger, better and faster, delivering at his best”.

Reflecting on his journey as a high potential, he mentioned how his ability to always perform at his best came with a price which was sacrificing on family time. Very rightly put by Banmali as, “When someone is successful at work, there is always a lot of support from one’s life partner and family that’s behind his/her performance while sometimes family is also the price that one might have to pay for success”.

The three virtues that stand out for being a real HiPo according to Banmali are:

  • Attitude
  • Hunger to learn
  • Ability to take risks


In an advice to organizations looking at planning a HiPo program, Banmali says, “A HiPo program cannot exist in absence of a larger people development plan. No HiPo program can ever work in insolence, it has to be integrated with an overall development plan”. With such insights and interesting stories from Banmali’s journey to success, this radio program was a captivating session that offered the listeners a lot of learning. Here are a few takeaways:

  • Keep arrogance or superiority in check or it will overpower your capabilities
  • It’s good to be exhilarated on being valued and appreciated but stay grounded and try to perform better
  • While you chart a future plan, also look at doing well at your current assignments
  • Always be humble as humility is the most critical attribute of a HiPo
  • A willingness to take risks and a hunger to learn is the key ingredient to success
  • Never take your family or their contribution to your success for granted


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