Article: Tesla bucks recession trends, ramps up hiring, looks to add 6,900 jobs


Tesla bucks recession trends, ramps up hiring, looks to add 6,900 jobs

The mercurial CEO Elon Musk’s worry over the economy doesn’t seem to cast a shadow on the EV firm’s decision to hire in nearly every category of job listings.
Tesla bucks recession trends, ramps up hiring, looks to add 6,900 jobs

Amid the recession fears, EV giant Tesla is scaling up its hiring effort. The leading car maker has listed over 6,900 jobs on its career website, with job opportunities ranging from the USA to Europe and South East Asia.

According to reports, hiring is likely to take place in countries such as China, Australia, and New Zealand. The jobs available are in various departments like HR, product engineering, sales, designing, supply chain, vehicle software and service.

The hiring in the backdrop of CEO Elon Musk’s recent comments on the US economy has created a flutter. The technocrat is quite critical of how the economy has been shaping up. He had expressed a “super bad feeling” and asked Tesla executives to “pause all hiring worldwide” earlier. 

Recently, Tesla also fired their LGBTQIA+ and diversity lead Bobby Beretta-Paris in the wake of Tesla’s wide-scale plan to make itself leaner.

The rise in job ads shows the direction of growth

The spike in Tesla job ads may indicate the direction of the growth chart Tesla wants to tread in the upcoming years. As per the firm's website, a lot of jobs are for US-based positions for HR, mechanical engineering, product development and more. Canada also saw a spike in job listings after Tesla’s current plans to expand the FSD Beta program to include an additional 60,000 owners from Maple Country.

Germany also has a new factory and observed an updated job listing to hire workers and professionals well-versed in electronics and communication. The firm listed over 200 jobs focussed on China and South Korea, where it has recently upgraded its Shanghai plant.

As observed in June-October, manufacturing job ads have risen a relatively modest 20% to almost 1,300, even as Tesla ramps up its monthly car output and raises prices. Yet job ads related to solar, energy, charging and sales have grown at faster rates than manufacturing, with an estimated 30% to 1,900.

Interestingly, jobs listings related to autopilot and robotics - key technologies considered by Tesla  - have almost doubled to about 80 this week after troughing in July. Musk tweeted last month that he expects Tesla to be ready to take orders for a humanoid robot in three to five years.

The website’s job listings show a clear indication that Tesla’s grand design may involve a transformative purpose and hence, require tens of thousands of employees worldwide.

In fear of inflation, recession and funding, many tech giants all over the world have cut off jobs and sacked employees in thousands. Meta dissolved its ‘responsible innovation team’ in light of restructuring. Twilio sacked 11% of the employees in light of the internal restructuring. Even India has observed a downturn in hiring and attrition with Byju’s and WazirX taking steps to cut jobs by thousands. It would be interesting to see how Tesla tackles the winter as its hiring campaign gains momentum.

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