Article: The Counsellor: Should I become a coach?

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The Counsellor: Should I become a coach?

When is the right time for one to be ready to be a coach? How can HR make a business case to justify a L&D budget for their team? Can a company revise the promised ncentive planat the time it is due to be paid?
The Counsellor: Should I become a coach?

As long as you are willing to change the lifestyle, and have the ability to take the risks that are associated with any change, just go ahead


As I have moved up the ladder, I have been asked to become a coach and help others develop. But I am not sure if I am ready to be a mentor as I have only 4 years of experience, but at the same time, I fear that my career progression will suffer if I say no. What is the right thing to do? When is the right time for one to be ready to be a coach?

If your managers believe that you have the requisite experience and knowledge coupled with the ability to coach, I don’t see any reason why you should have any apprehensions. It is a responsibility of the seniors to coach the juniors to help them succeed. In coaching, you have to provide timely feedback, both positive and negative, in a constructive mode; advice/guide a person and help him/her move towards becoming effective and efficient; provide ongoing encouragement; and keep the person motivated. If you yourself are an excellent performer, you know the company culture and the expectations from the roles of the people who have to be coached, so just go ahead.

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