Article: Theory to reality: Leaders set to turn the art of the possible into practical results at TechHR India


Theory to reality: Leaders set to turn the art of the possible into practical results at TechHR India

Asia’s largest HR and Worktech conference, People Matters TechHR India returns with your favourite leaders guiding you to the art of the possible.
Theory to reality: Leaders set to turn the art of the possible into practical results at TechHR India

In an exclusive interview with the New York Times, the godfather and pioneer of AI, Geoffrey Hinton spoke about the harmful disruptions of the AI systems to the labour market. After quitting his job at Google, the artificial intelligence expert can’t seem to stop deliberating over the profound risks it poses to society and humanity. “And I thought it was way off. I thought it was 30 to 50 years or even longer away. Obviously, I no longer think that,” he shared during the interview. 

In these tumultuous times, when everyone is anticipating the evolving jobs and skills of the future to stay ahead of the curve, it is wise to take hints and learnings from leaders, who have found opportunities in the uncertainties before. While the times are not the same and neither are the disruptions, humans are the only constant, depicting the same spirit and zeal to overcome any and every challenge. 

That's why this year, Asia’s largest HR and Worktech conference, People Matters TechHR India is back with some of the best leaders and visionaries to guide you to the ‘art of the possible.’ Because we believe that sometimes, it is wise to gain lessons from people who have seen the workplace change, while staying ahead of the game. With a spectacular line-up of speakers, the conference is coming to Leela Ambience, Gurugram on August 3 and 4. 

And here’s our first set of speakers, who have time and again written new mandates for businesses. 

Dave Ulrich

Dave Ulrich, father of Modern HR, RBL Group, human capability, TechHR

Known as the ‘Father of Modern HR’, Dave Ulrich, co-founder and principal at the RBL group and professor at University of Michigan Ross School of Business, first introduced the new agenda and role of HR, a radical departure from its status quo in the early 2000. And since then his quest to build HR to help deliver organisational excellence has continued. Today, he is exploring the evolution of human capability and how it will set the foundation for HR’s continued value. In the past three decades, he has written 30 books and shaped the world of work during the first big tech breakout, the growth of the dot-com businesses, introduction of Google, Facebook, Twitter and big tech and the 2008 recession. And that’s why his expertise is essential to enlighten leaders and organisations about HR’s contribution in the new world. 

Brian Sommer

Brian Sommer, TechVentive, Accenture, technology

The president and founder of TechVentive, Brian Sommer has held a unique position in detecting the winners and losers in technology and services since the beginning of his career. At Accenture, he held a position where he picked the best possible software solutions for hundreds of clients globally. With TechVentive, he built a company that helps technology firms better understand their markets. In short, he has remained close to technology buyers and sellers. And at the conference, he will offer employees and employers with the next-steps as workplaces integrate new advanced technologies, such as chatbots, machine learning, artificial intelligence, algorithms, and robotic process automation. 

Shraddhanjali Rao

Google, Head HR, SAP, Indian descent, employee needs

The Head of HR at Google, Shraddhanjali Rao, in 2022 shared why she took up the offer to join the company -   inspired by the opportunity to touch a billion lives and ultimately make the world a better place through data and tech. With the belief that in order to change the game, you have to change the frame, Rao will share her perspective on building the right company culture, nurturing diversity, equity and inclusion, and what it means to leave no stone unturned to meet employee needs. 

Vineet Nayar

Vineet Nayar, transformational CEO, Sampark Foundation, HCL Technologies

The founder and chairman of Sampark Foundation, and former CEO of HCL Technologies, Vineet Nayar orchestrated the HCLT’s transformation that led Fortune to recognise HCL as ‘the world’s most modern management’. Nayar, who has shared the entire journey of the transformation, truly believes that it all begins with small-scale catalysts and not large-scale technology initiatives or massive reorganisations. With his knowledge embedded in his own experiences, he can share the way for leaders to boldly move towards the edge and take the leap. Because that’s the only way forward. 

Prasad GV

Prasad GV, Dr Reddy's laboratories, pharma industry, purpose-driven company

The co-chairman of Dr Reddy’s Laboratories, Prasad GV has been the chief architect behind the pharma multinational’s success. His vision to built a purpose-driven company focused on developing innovative and affordable drugs, has been the driving factor in achieving a place in the pages of history. At the conference, Prasad will demystify technology for the pharma industry so as to help it speed up processes. 

Sounds intriguing? Join us at People Matters TechHR India on August 3 and 4, where you get a chance to hear and meet leaders such as Shashi Tharoor, Dr Tomas Chamorro Premuzic, Raju Mistry and so many more. Register now!

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