Article: Unstoppable Leaders: Shaping the future of business


Unstoppable Leaders: Shaping the future of business

It is a good idea to judge future leaders on the basis of their capabilities instead of competency, shares the panellists at People Matters Learning and Development conference 2022.
Unstoppable Leaders: Shaping the future of business

The world has changed and has evolved into a modern working order. With the rise in digitisations, online cohorts are working parallelly with physical conferences. Yet the new world has also experienced political and funding challenges. Among the challenges of organisation and unicorns, the burning question that has come up is what kind of leadership can shape the future of business. 

WNS Global Services’ Rajnish Borah, RBL Bank's Shachi Kaul & IKS Health’s Abhay Srivastava discussed in a panel session on how to find the right kind of unstoppable leaders and groom them to take the business forward.

Creating unstoppable leaders

The rate of change has significantly increased nowadays. Organisations are looking for leaders who can innovate and transform the future of business. The existing frameworks of “explore vs execute” also look for novelty in the vision i.e the future output should be desirable, viable and feasible. 

The talents, who can be future leaders in general, are asking themselves questions like what would be the parameters of their promotions? Would it define by the date? And more. Yet the pandemic has led organisations to an intriguing realisation that transformations are tough in the middle of a crisis.  

The panellists observed that when talent changes companies, they usually don't change territories i.e not running away from the crisis. She shared that clear and defined thinking is required to create an unstoppable leader. The talent should be able to make quick and clean decisions to be considered a future leader. Also involved here is the aspect of digital fluency, where a leader needs to be thinking about the long-term while utilisation digital resource.   

When it comes to creating leaders, an adaptive and learning infrastructure is also very important so to enhance their learning capabilities. The leader’s agility could be assessed if they understand the quality of their decisions by asking these three questions:

  • Do they know themselves?
  • Do they take care of themselves?
  • Do they bring energy to their team?

The paradox between the competent and capable leaders

In the post-pandemic world, assessing future leaders has led to an observation that it would be a good idea to judge them on basis of their capabilities instead of competency.  

Leaders don't have to be perfectionists to drive the success of the business. 

Competency is a metric which is for the long term and the leader’s judgement can be eschewed with how they are motivating themselves and their team with their capabilities. 

The right kind of leaders could be bred with the possibility of creating an immersive learning experience for them. It is important to note that L&D can only support the programs when leaders show the inherent need to learn and curate agile skills for their use. The paradox between competency and capability is such that creating unstoppable leaders would involve developing unstoppable learning programs for them. 

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