Article: We are obsessed with the customer


We are obsessed with the customer

Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO at, talks about how Amazon India came into being, his leadership style and more
We are obsessed with the customer

One of the principles I lead is the passion for invention. It is something that is so deeply ingrained in the culture of the company that we practice it all the time. We like to do things that nobody has ever done before


Over the past 20 years, my role has changed from doing everything to that of a custodian and a steward of the values and principles of the company and to ensure we live by them

Q. Most people think Amazon came to India a year ago. Tell us about the beginning of Amazon in India. A. We started a software development office in India 10 years ago at Bangalore. Over the years, we have expanded our offices to Chennai and Hyderabad. We have had great success with those operations because we can find such talented people here in India. Thanks to our local team, the business is going shockingly well. We have been open for a year and have great expectations. We have a unique approach in India as the number of small and medium businesses is huge. Our local team has innovated a bunch of things, which makes it easy for small and medium scale enterprises to connect to the digital economy and this trend is now growing very fast. Q. How did your company Blue Origin come about? A. I have always been fascinated by space though I don’t know where the passion comes from. I think I got imprinted when I saw Neil Armstrong walk on the moon and then I got addicted to scien...
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