Article: What are the ingredients of an HR superstar recipe?


What are the ingredients of an HR superstar recipe?

Wouldn't it be great if HR professionals were seen as the superstars that they really are?
What are the ingredients of an HR superstar recipe?

Indeed HR today has every trait of a being the rock star in your organization spearheading the management and creating innovations and collaboration across the workforce. An effective HR function can really impact the bottom line which in turn will impact the front line. 

So what differentiates an HR team doing the bare minimum and being an HR superstar- one that is adding value and helping the business to grow and reach the pinnacle of success?

Talking in-depth about HR being a superstar, People Matters organized a tweetchat on “The Ingredients of an HR superstar recipe” which witnessed a potpourri of thoughts and ideas from an amalgamation of many venerable adepts from the HR world. Take a look at the tweets below to get an idea of the enriching session.

Q1. What defines an HR superstar?


Q2. If today you were to start grooming yourself to be a superstar of tomorrow, what would be your first step?

Q3. What should be a part of future HR superstar’s pedigree?

Q4. People centricity or business centricity, what defines an HR superstar’s agenda and why?

Q5. The businesses are changing, how does it impact the HR superstar of tomorrow?

The tweetchat ended with an  invigorating discussion by all the speakers

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