Article: What does it take to be a successful boss?


What does it take to be a successful boss?

There is no one formula which ensures that you can become the 'best boss' for your team members. But a number of factors which might help you to be one. Read here for more.
What does it take to be a successful boss?

There are no bad jobs, only bad bosses. Turns out, this isn’t just a water-cooler gripe for the uninspired workforce, but there’s actual data to support it. Good bosses inspire people to work hard, great bosses change them for the better. They see things that no one else does in their people, and encourage them to find it for themselves. They are dreamers and doers with the same amount of expertise in both.

Being liked by people is just a small part of it, but being a successful boss can give you much more satisfaction from your job that you possibly could imaging. So are you a great boss? Here are a few tips to find out, or fill up the gaps if you need to.

Inspire innovation

Innovation in everyday work is the need of the hour for businesses around the world. Successful bosses inspire this innovation among people by removing the anxieties that prevent them from making an effort to do new things. They trust their employees to make good, informed choices and allow them the freedom to do so. Failures are merely opportunities to learn and adapt for them, and they transfer that knowledge to their people seamlessly.

Encourage people to aim higher

Great bosses know that change is inevitable, and people must not get stuck in the moment of their achievements. They encourage their employees to aim higher and keep up with change at all times by updating their skills, performance and results. They do so with the knowledge that it’s beneficial for the employees and never hesitate to show them the opportunities within to inspire them.

The power of ideas

Great bosses value the power of ideas. They seek new ideas from their team and encourage them to explore every avenue to hunt for that new idea. They are always ready to lead their team into adapting to new situations and put a higher value to change than stability.

Most bosses, especially in large, established organizations, tend to pivot on stability, and that’s often a losing proposition.

No superstars in the team

Great bosses ensure that everyone in the team receives recognition due to them. They pay attention to the career goals of each employee and enable to reach those goals. They also ensure that the individual’s career goals are in-line with the team’s and the organization’s goals as well to create a broader definition of success for everyone.

Ask questions

Great bosses know very well that knowledge is not dispensed from a vending machine, but acquired through experience. They value the importance of sharing a spark for knowledge with their employees, and allow them to learn on their own. They guide them and ask questions, rather than forcing knowledge down their throats.

Bringing It All Together

No two people are the same, hence, there’s no sure-fire formula to become the next great boss. But what you can do is to pay attention to yourself and to your team to find out what works for you and what does not. Learn to open yourself up to change and pounce on the next opportunity that walks past you.

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