Article: Witness art of the possible with transformative visionaries at People Matters TechHR Pulse Mumbai


Witness art of the possible with transformative visionaries at People Matters TechHR Pulse Mumbai

An amalgamation of the best Asia’s largest HR and Work Tech Conference has to offer is brought to the financial capital with People Matters TechHR Pulse Mumbai with game changing CEOs, CHROs and HR leaders at the forefront.
Witness art of the possible with transformative visionaries at People Matters TechHR Pulse Mumbai

The year 2024 has begun and we can’t contain our excitement towards our first conference of the year, People Matters TechHR Pulse Mumbai. This one is immensely special to us and our community as we bring the pulse of Asia’s largest HR and Work Tech Conference to the financial capital of India. With a gathering of over 700 HR, talent and business leaders, 40 global luminaries, 30 exciting sessions and a first-of-its-kind HR and Work Tech expo, this annual conference will be one that helps you find answers to dilemmas of 2024 and beyond. It is the ‘art of the possible’ in action as we enable you to design for the unconventional times ahead. 

For this conference, our spectacular speaker list has names of the top CHROs, CEOs and futurist visionaries from across the globe, who have been at the forefront of change, bringing about a transformation within their organisations through unique leadership styles and innovative strategies. Here’s a look at the luminaries and what you can learn from them, at People Matters TechHR Pulse Mumbai on March 14 at Grand Hyatt

People Matters TechHR Pulse Mumbai

Peter Hinssen

One of the most sought-after thought leaders on radical innovation, leadership and impact of ‘all things digital’ on society and business, Peter Hinssen, founder, Nexxworks, has been sharing his wealth of knowledge on how powerful a role technology plays in tackling every one of the Never Normal challenges through his keynotes, lectures and books such as The Phoenix and the Unicorn, The Day After Tomorrow and The Network Always Wins, among others. With the introduction of the VACINE framework, which includes qualities like velocity, agility, creativity, innovation, networking, and experimentation, he has brought to fore what enables organisations to thrive in an ever-changing world. At People Matters TechHR Pulse Mumbai, he will be the opening keynote speaker touching upon these topics and sharing his insights on technology, social and business model shifts, futuristic visions and lessons learned. 

Vishal Sharma

The CEO of Godrej Industries (Chemicals), Vishal Sharma’s mission in life has been to make everything he touches better, while helping people be happy and successful. In his three decades of experience across five continents, he has been instrumental in designing multiple transformational and scale-up initiatives at GE Lighting, Diversey and Ecolab, among others before assuming the role of CEO at Godrej Industries. Known as the ‘Chief Cheerleader’, he has time and again underlined the vital role of hard work, learning agility, and effective people management. If you are eager to understand his unique leadership style, channeling the power of calm amid uncertainties, role of technology in driving growth and the need for aligning strategies with the organisation to achieve long-term success, join him at People Matters TechHR Pulse Mumbai. 

Ruhie Pande

In her two decade-long experience, Ruhie Pande, CHRO, Sterlite Power has worked across diverse sectors including financial services, real estate, fashion retail, information technology and FMCG. Named among the 100 most influential HR leaders in India by CHRO Asia, in her current role, she is leading HR strategy, talent and culture priorities for the organisation. With her domain expertise in varied sectors, she is one of the few CHROs to take you on a journey of excellence and designing a people-first approach. If you are curious to understand her perspectives on enabling people with the best opportunities and nurturing a culture that drives people and organisational growth, wait no more to register for People Matters TechHR Pulse Mumbai

Saurabh Govil

With over 30 years of experience at ITC Limited, Genpact and GE Healthcare, Saurabh Govil has been at the helm of Wipro as President and CHRO for a decade now, transforming the organisation as he led an entire spectrum of the global human resources function, including talent planning, enhancing operational efficiencies and driving people transformation initiatives. He has been known to significantly contribute to Wipro’s growth, improving operations and curating new initiatives through his extensive work on people, processes and organisational structure. If you are looking to redesign the HR function for the digital age at People Matters TechHR Pulse Mumbai, his insights on pioneering programs at Wipro might be crucial. 

Mukesh Jain

The CTO, VP & Global Head of People Analytics, Mukesh Jain had 22 years of experience in multinational firms such as Microsoft, Jio, NICE Ltd., and VFS Global, among others, before assuming his current role at Capgemini, where he is using a unique mix of technology, business, analytics, management and execution to drive people, organisation and deliver innovative results. With his extensive knowledge on digital transformation, product engineering, big data analytics, AI, IoT, HR analytics, blockchain, chatbots, advertising, finTech, marTech, Cloud, SaaS, etc., he will help you understand the evolving technology and its integration into the modern workforce. If you have questions around how Gen AI will disrupt the future of work, he can help answer them at People Matters TechHR Pulse Mumbai.  

Manjul Tilak

Manjul Tilak, who has risen the ranks in the last two decades, assumed the role of CHRO last year at the leading healthcare company, Piramal Enterprises Limited, where he has been responsible for shaping and driving people's agenda apart from addressing HR priorities at the enterprise level. The evolving role of CHRO, the need for their presence at the board, aligning people-management strategies with business goals, treating the needs of employees on par with those of customers and unlocking the power of technology are some of the dilemmas CHROs are seeking and to give you a glimpse into the future trends is Manjul Tilak at People Matters TechHR Pulse Mumbai

To discuss and develop new ideas around business growth, future of tech, impact of tech and the velocity to shift with incredible thought leaders of our time, register now for People Matters TechHR Pulse Mumbai set for March 14 at Grand Hyatt. For more updates, follow #TechHRPulseMumbai.

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