Article: Xurmo Tech Among World’s Top 50 Innovative Tech Startups


Xurmo Tech Among World’s Top 50 Innovative Tech Startups

Xurmo is an Enterprise Platform for end-to-end Machine Guided Big Data analytics.

Xurmo Technologies is excited to announce that it has been selected as a “2015 TiE50 Start-up” for the prestigious TiE50 Technology Awards Program. TiE50 is open to all technology start-ups worldwide.

“Xurmo is delighted to be recognised as an innovative 2015 TiE50 Top Start-up. Consolidating and processing raw data for actionable insights is a problem that several organisations fail at in their Big Data journey. We have focused on solving this problem in order to make raw data analyzable quickly and easily and in turn enable enterprises deploy Big Data applications rapidly”, said Sridhar Gopalakrishnan, Founder and CEO, Xurmo Technologies.

Xurmo is an Enterprise Platform for end-to-end Machine Guided Big Data analytics. The platform has been evolved over five years of R&D conducted in collaboration with scientists at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh. The platform has been developed on a patented poly-schema database, called FabricDB which enables the platform to offer Machine-Guided analytics workflows.

“TiE 50 has become a global brand that attracts thousands of companies worldwide. We screened 2,716 companies this year and announced the most innovative 160 companies as 2015 TiE50 Top Start-ups. This pool of the very best-of-the-breed will proudly carrying the 2015 TiE50 Top Start-up recognition. A star attraction of the conference is TiE50 presentations. Audiences are treated to amazing ideas and innovative technologies,” said Ram K. Reddy, the program chair.

“It is unique in terms of rigor of selection and the broad scope of companies that it reviews for this award and is one of TiE Silicon Valley’s most successful programs. It is also worth mentioning that this is the only awards recognition in technology to be held by a large global non-profit organization with no fees. A team of about 60 highly accomplished domain experts, senior executives, accomplished and experiences venture capitalists, and tech entrepreneurs come together to form a screening and judging team,” said Venktesh Shukla, President of TiE Silicon Valley.

The TiE50 track record since its inception in May 2009 shows that more than 90% get funded within the first year. About 120 of these companies have already exited. For further details on the TiE50, visit


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