Article: You can be a leader at any stage in your life


You can be a leader at any stage in your life

Leadership development has evolved manifold as organizations are now deploying unique measures, says Lynda Gratton
You can be a leader at any stage in your life

People can take up leadership positions at any stage in their lives. You can be a perfectly good leader but not have the maturity


Today, leaders aren’t just expected to run their organizations but also make comments on developments in the world

Lynda Gratton, a British organizational theorist, consultant, and Professor of Management Practice at London Business School and the founder of the Hot Spots Movement, talks about her experiences, her latest book and more You have been teaching for many years now and written many books. What have been your key learnings over the decades across the different areas that you have explored? I’d say the most significant thing I’ve learnt is that people are basically cooperative, but organizations need to invest in good management and a collaborative working environment in order to benefit from that. A lot of my early academic research looked at how people make a difference to a company. In fact, that was the basis of my first book, ‘Living Strategy’ which focused on how you build a company that aligns with people and their needs. I also looked specifically at cooperation and the role it plays within an organization. What’s interesting is that between that f...
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