Article: 5 ways to beat the burn-out blues

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5 ways to beat the burn-out blues

Career burnout is a psychological state portrayed by exhaustion, pessimism and a lack of professional efficiency which could be a result of working in a socially toxic workplace which lacks support and transparency from colleagues or excessive workload with brusque timelines.
5 ways to beat the burn-out blues

With her growing success of the current venture, Anoushka started working simultaneously on her new ecommerce project. This was her dream project, she worked inexorably in a stress-packed environment through tough days, long nights and happy weekends.  After all the herculean meetings, plucky negotiations, and strenuous preparations suppliers were set, logistics team was created and the perfect creative marketing agency was found, all was left to do was the auspicious execution of the project. 

Unfortunately right two days before the execution, a miscommunication with the support team landed up all that drudgery in vain, delaying the whole plan. 

Since then Anoushka has been under a burnout. Several unabating stressors over a protracted period left her drained and she didn't want to touch work. In a couple of months, she went from bright-eyed ambitious toiler to a grave burnt out case. 

Career burnout is a psychological state portrayed by exhaustion, pessimism and a lack of professional efficiency which could be a result of working in a socially toxic workplace which lacks support and transparency from colleagues or excessive workload with brusque timelines. 

There could possibly be five areas where trouble can lead to a burnout: 

  1. Justice & Equity: Are the  employees treated with respect, fairness and equity, or do you observe favouritism and deception?

  2. Work-pressure: Handling too many tasks and working under a time(dead)line or hassling with lack of resources? Dealing with implausible flow of resources?

  3. Workplace community: Is the working environment co-operative, trustworthy and transparent? Do you have to deal  with destructive competition or office rumour?

  4. Control: Do you own a sense of control over your functioning and how? What is the level of your job autonomy?

  5. Reward and positive feedback: Are you recognized for your valuable contribution at work? how often? Do you feel acknowledged?

When one is burnt out, the ability to concentrate is reduced. Thoughts are consumed in the negative feeling. Poor Performing pattern, anxiety, worry, and decreased productivity are results of work burnout. After the identification, that you are burnt out, the apparent step is to figure out the reason behind your frustration. Burnout manifestation does not happen overnight, it is a gradual process and therefore transition takes some time too. For the transition from burn out, it is imperative to make changes in one's lifestyle and stick with it. Once a changed routine is adopted, you will start to feel motivated back again. 

Following are a few facile approaches, to get back on track:

Chip off the burnout source

It is crucial to figure out the source of burnout, in order to make relevant changes. Whatever be the source, you need to cut it off completely. In case the burnout is job-related, figure out the issue and take steps to change it. Generally workload and pressured timelines are the most common reason for work burnout. Talk to your supervisors, realign your responsibilities, prepare a more comfortable schedule, and find time for things you love. A job change could be considered, one that offers more flexibility and control. In such situations, assistance of friends and family also help to crack up the burnout

Breathers are a big-league

It is crucial, whether for a couple of minutes or for a couple of days to take some time to recharge yourself.  Set up reminders to get up from work and move around, this is one of the simplest methods to 'conquer burnout'.  Make use of your paid-time offs (PTO), take breaks from work to reinvigorate. Organizations love employees who don't take many breaks, but this sort of plaudit will lead you to a path of burnout. Employees today also have an option of switching to more flexible schedules at their workplace. Customizing one's agenda as per one's needs can counterbalance the burnout by providing a greater sense of control and management. 

Un-follow the routine

We all have a daily routine to follow, and when you are burn out, it becomes really de-motivating to keep doing the same thing or it can also be said that: because we keep doing the same thing, it becomes de-motivating. Break the monotony, be unusual! Do something completely different and beyond ordinary and see the interesting difference. For instance, if you like to sleep in, try getting up early. Reversing the routine is one simple way to feel the change and revive. 

Going the Organized way

When under a burnout, people worry a lot and often slip out on to important things. The work-pressure is high and deadlines on head, keep the anxiety on peak. Get organized, keep calm and work on to-do list by prioritizing tasks. Setting reminders or maintaining electronic to-do lists also help in managing hectic schedules. 

Find meaning at your work

Work can become really meaningful, if one is able to identify the most  fulfilling elements. One simple technique is to align your responsibilities with your interests and strengths, this can be implemented with the help of your supervisor. This will help to keep away the burnout as you are enjoying the work and spending major time doing projects that you like. 

These simple techniques will help you to unplug, unwind and get back with motivation and zeal. As mentioned earlier, undoing the burnout takes a while. The 'better' feeling starts to sink in faster comparatively, but overcoming the burnout descent is a time taking process and won't get fixed in a snap. As you work towards getting back on track, you start to feel more energetic, exuberant and happier with work and personal life. 

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