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Am I audible???

In this witty piece, we have tried to compile some of the most used lines at the workplace this year. Enjoy reading!
Am I audible???

Hello, I am an HR professional and I manage a workforce of 30,000 employees.” This was the way people introduced themselves before the COVID-19 era, but in the current times, if you share something about yourself, there are chances you will get the response - “You are on mute, please repeat what you said.” 

In the last six months, all of us have spent thousands of hours conversing over digital platforms such as Zoom, Meet, Teams, etc. In this witty piece, we bring to you some of the most used lines from the new virtual world of work. Now, what causes these statements - Human error or Human intent? We shall never know. ;) 

Am I audible???

You are on mute!

Will everyone please go on mute?

My WiFi is not working!

I hope this email finds you safe and well!

My internet was not working :P

Can everyone see my screen?

You have been invited to an exclusive webinar!

Can everyone switch on their cameras?

Can you try switching off the video? Your audio is unclear.

Your voice is breaking!

Can I call you back? I am in a virtual meeting.

One person at a time please!

My laptop just crashed!

The virtual space indeed is an interesting and funny place to be in these uncertain and gloomy times! Do share some of the most commonly used lines during your virtual calls in the comments section. 

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