Article: Can you switch on your video please?

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Can you switch on your video please?

From preparing presentations for meetings to presenting yourself in virtual meetings, we have come a long way. The unexpected and prolonged work from home sure is either adding some zing or making one more anxious for work related video calls. Let’s look at what all goes into preparing for virtual meetings in the present day!
Can you switch on your video please?

Findings from the latest research by Bayfields Opticians & Audiologists has revealed that employees in the UK need an average of 47 minutes to prepare physically and mentally for work related calls on Skype, Zoom and Microsoft. Additionally, they require about 18 minutes post the call to return back to work-mode, with one in ten employees needing a minimum of 30 minutes post a video call to feel productive again. 

The research reveals that on an average, employees today spend three hours 12 minutes every week on video calls, a jump of 120% in comparison to pre-lockdown times. A lot of time clearly goes in not just the virtual calls, but also preparing for these calls.

Here is a checklist for many as they get ready for virtual work calls:

Splashing water on your face to not let them know you have been skipping a bath since 3 days

Getting the wardrobe right, with matching PJs

Ensuring hair or wig don’t look out of place

Testing all the lights in the house to get that perfect well-lit video!

Getting the background right (with a mandatory bookshelf)

Announcing to the family that you are getting into a meeting, ‘please make less noise’ or please keep the doors closed

Moving kids to the other room, otherwise meetings be like:

Grabbing coffee and snacks to munch on

Grabbing treats for your pets to keep them fed

Rushing for your headphones to keep the only work and home boundary intact

Keeping the stress ball handy to let out some conference call steam (without a sound)

As soon as the meeting is done with:

With remote working here to stay for the foreseeable future, it appears we are in with video calls for the long haul. 

While the above pointers capture only a few of the checklist items before a virtual work meeting, we would like to know what else goes into preparing for your work calls. Tell us in the comments below!

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