Article: Flexible work arrangement preferred by employees: Survey

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Flexible work arrangement preferred by employees: Survey

Job seekers preferences with respect to benefits at the workplace are constantly evolving. The recent survey by JobBuzz sheds light on the same.
Flexible work arrangement preferred by employees: Survey

According to the recent survey by JobBuzz, work life balance and job timings are increasingly becoming important factors of consideration for job seekers. The survey which has taken into account the responses of 1,800 employees shows that flexible work arrangement is available to half of the employees surveyed, but are they making the best use of it? 

Here are the important insights from the same:

Work life balance the most important

  • 30% of the respondents consider work-life balance as a factor while taking up the job

  • while 20% look at work timings

  • Other factors include work environment and job role

Flexible timings enable upskilling

  • 45% of the people surveyed said that flexible timings allow them the time to learn and upskill themselves

  • 25% feel that makes more efficient

  • 20% feel it leads to improved health and less stress

Flexitime and work from home options

  • 50% have the option of flexible timings

  • and 35% have the option to work from home, 

  • and while 10% have the option work part time

Employees prefer flexible timing but not many are utilizing it

  • 35% have requested for a flexible timing arrangement at workplace

  • 70% of the respondents did not utilize flexible timing arrangement last year

  • 40% of the respondents stated that it could have a negative effect on their growth

  • 15% feel that the arrangement leads to reduced interaction with team/manager/mentors

  • 55% do not get paid for working over time, while 40% get paid sometimes

Dissatisfaction with current work hours

  • 55% of the respondents are dissatisfied with their work hours
  • 60% of the workforce is working 35-40 hours a week.

  • While the next majority, 40%, works for 40 hours a week.
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