Article: How to rejuvenate and reposition the HR function

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How to rejuvenate and reposition the HR function

Organizations need to get their HR systems, strategies, roles, competencies, culture and impact audited, and a renewal plan worked out to rejuvenate HR and reposition it for meeting the future world requirements.
How to rejuvenate and reposition the HR function
HR serves all categories of employees in all functions vertically and horizontally, and hence the need for integrating their work with other functions does not deserve any special attention. It is only humans, people or employees, who can prepare any organization to face turbulent times. Good HR functionaries can prepare organizations to anticipate and manage turbulent times while continuing to remain agile and excellent. Talent has become the prime currency today and it is increasingly recognized that technology, customer centricity, innovations, money, and markets are all driven by talented people. With “People” and “Talent” in focus across the world, organizations are increasingly resorting to committing their resources to get, retain, and develop talent. HR in most organizations is driving them through one or more of the following: HR is focusing more on talent for the present and future through the delineation of competencies via competency mapping and ...
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