Article: If HR were a Santa, what would you wish for?

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If HR were a Santa, what would you wish for?

Digital transformation, upskilling and future of work are the buzzwords you associate with HR, all year round. What if this Christmas, HR turns into your Santa and makes your real wishes come true?
If HR were a Santa, what would you wish for?

Dear Santa (who is also my HR), 

It is that time of the year. The holiday season is upon us. And it is time to make a wish! Here’s my wishlist from you. If you are real, my HR Santa, please make them come true. I promise I’ll be a productive and efficient employee in 2020. 

AI Assistant 

Dear Santa, my hands are full with work and bandwidth is (always) an issue. In this era of chatbots and all things digital, I would love to leverage new-age tech and get an AI Assistant to lend me a hand. 


Talk to me

Dear Santa, this Christmas give me the gift of clear communication! Talk to me-in good times and bad- and keep me better informed and in-sync with whatever is going on!

Work @ your convenience

Dear Santa, whether I am at sea, or flying high up in the air, give me the gift of working at my own convenience. Trust me, I’ll deliver without fail.  

Appreciate me, 24x7 

Dear Santa, your monthly appreciation adds a lot of value to my work, but I know you can do better by going gaga about me everyday. If you consistently recognize me, I will continue doing my good work.


Wings to fly 

Dear Santa, this Christmas give me the gift of growth, opportunity, and learning so that I can spread my wings and conquer bigger territories and scale greater heights in 2020. 

A paid holiday to detox digitally 

Dear Santa, I have worked incessantly the whole year around. Give me the gift of a paid holiday to detox digitally as we enter 2020!


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