Article: Rethink HR for a world without borders

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Rethink HR for a world without borders

How HR can build an emotional connection and a sense of belonging among employees? Can policies and practices alone build this? How can we go beyond to make the company a great place to belong?
Rethink HR for a world without borders

In the future, workplaces will see artificial intelligence gaining more prominence as a powerful enabler. Working from anywhere in the world and still be connected with the team will be the norm. Yet, employees will be required to build relationships and complement each other. Human Resources function will be expected to facilitate this. 

How HR can build an emotional connection and a sense of belonging among employees? Can policies and practices alone build this? How can we go beyond to make the company a great place to belong?

HR Function needs to consider these three key factors.   

Creating a sense of ownership

First, we need to acknowledge that people spend 40-50 hours a week working. To successfully flourish, they need to have a sense of ownership, not just a sense of responsibility. They should go beyond a transactional relationship with colleagues and other stakeholders. A passionate employee aligned with the purpose of the organization can achieve wonders. 

To create and sustain a sense of ownership, organizations need to empower employees. Give them responsibility early in their career and invest in them. Nurture them to transform as global leaders. Craft a carefully thought through and customized leadership development programme that enables this transformation. This creates a bond between the Company and the employee eventually leading to a sense of ownership.  

Be inspirational

During one of my town hall meetings in Kuala Lumpur, an employee said she likes her job and the Company because we are conscious of our social responsibility. We are a good citizen. She is happy to be a member of the organization that does well for society. This demonstrated that our actions or lack of it both as individuals and as a corporation can trigger intense responses.

We live in a deeply connected world. Human Resources function faces the challenge of fostering creativity, integrity, and courage among employees to go beyond their job role and make a difference. We need to ensure our companies is one that respects every individual, embraces a diversity of thought, opinions, culture, and people. We help in learning, sharing and growing. These ultimately ensure mutual prosperity. 

Developing Intellectual Agility

Given the technological advancements, several tasks both simple and complex are automated. In this process, some skills are redundant. We need to think of new ideas and solutions to the old ways of implementation. HR function needs to have the intellectual agility to quickly learn and stay on top of their game. To do this, it is imperative to work in teams. Respect the diversity of people and views. These give wings to ideas. It makes the impossible possible.

It is not sufficient to focus on good compensation and robust career growth path. These need to be supported with great culture and that focuses on nurturing employees as changemakers. 

Good organizations will continue to attract highly motivated people at every level who are willing to put in grueling hours to achieve their responsibilities and meet organizational goals. That’s a given. HR needs to instill a sense of shared future between employees and the company that puts both in a better position to achieve bigger milestones. Human Resources function needs to see a paradigm shift to enable this.

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