Article: Surging ahead together: Ahmad Sabih Kidwai


Surging ahead together: Ahmad Sabih Kidwai

Channel partners are an integral part of Rockwell Automation's growth strategy and this 'mutual dependency' requires channel partners to also have robust HR practices and processes
Surging ahead together: Ahmad Sabih Kidwai

The next economic superpower, SME's are experiencing a substantial talent drift with opportunities on a decline


Channel partners are an integral part of Rockwell Automation’s growth strategy and this ‘mutual dependency’ requires channel partners to also have robust HR practices and processes

A company’s employees and its intellectual capital are key ingredients of a successful business that is aiming to attain a quintessential differentiation from its competitors. At Rockwell Automation (RA), all endeavors are aligned to the opportunity that the human resource function brings to the table. A conscious effort has been made at RA to enhance its people’s future, by providing opportunities for development and growth to each individual associated with the organization, directly or indirectly. The differentiating factor at RA is that this endeavor of ‘people progress’ is not just for those who are employees of the organization, but also for all those that are a part of RA’s reach and impact. The belief that a company can only be as effective as its partners in order to succeed and the strong ‘mutual dependency’ that needs to be ensured to achieve this; the channel partners must have a robust organization in terms of HR practices and processes as well. In addition, with urbanization strengthening consumer demand, there is a massive thrust on consumer-oriented industries today. Currently, India is one of the most competitive markets and in order to survive in the industry, it is a must that the customers' business challenges are well-understood and catered to. Also, new customers are getting added across geographies by the minute, as a result of the shifting dynamics of this rapid growth. With the abundant availability of newer ultra-mega applications, the consumer today has also matured in its outlook and demands sophisticated global standards. In view of such business demands, RA's partnership has assumed an unprecedented significance for both the partners in business.

The partner ecosystem
With the vision that Rockwell has and the market potential, it has become an absolute necessity to have capable leaders who are well-equipped and prepared for the challenges of tomorrow. To materialize its vision of non-linear growth and earn cumulative benefits, RA felt the need to create a partner ecosystem. This doesn’t just result in a steep growth curve but ensures the sustainability as well.

Looking at the other side of the coin, RA’s channel partners seemed to be facing the heat too; quite disappointed by the general trend of people management issues translating into attrition and under-performance at the workplace. Also, considering that the MNC’s are focusing on India: the next economic superpower, SME’s are experiencing a substantial talent drift with opportunities on a decline. These were all the issues that consequently affected the growth of an industry as a whole.

In view of a strong business vision and challenges foreseen; Rockwell organized the HR conclave for its channel partners and key stakeholders of their business. This conclave emerged as a solution for the consistent challenges faced and brought to the attention of RA by its channel distributors. The problem areas were claimed to be business threats and when critically analyzed by experts, it was evolved that that the roots of these problems, lay in people management. In order to bring the business back to track, it was now mandatory that HR was brought to focus in these allied organizations working with the business. The HR conclave was an initiative to help channel partners understand that the key to success in any business lies in its human capital and it is critical that they be taken care of well. The aim was to highlight a paradigm shift in the importance of HR today; playing the role of a strategic business partner. The audience was given a flavor of what phenomenal success they can achieve if their HR strategy was created with a focus on inclusion, development and retention of people. The intent was to help these partners become organizations wherein every employee has an exclusive identity. The requirement today; is to create a passion among the employees to work together as a family or a community, thereby encouraging inclusive growth for the people and the organization.

The conclave had HR strategists from organizations like Mercer, AON-Hewitt, Randstad,, Thomas International, Purple HR Consulting and Rockwell Automation sharing their vast experience and in-depth knowledge to establish the required direct connection between investing in human capital and increased revenue margins. This led to all stakeholders at the event agreeing that such congregations provide an apt platform for knowledge-sharing and spreading awareness about sound corporate values that evolve into significant growth in business.

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