Article: The Greater Fool at your workplace

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The Greater Fool at your workplace

Let’s identify the characteristics of the non-traditional “greater fool” which can enable HR leaders to recruit and develop the perfect employees and leaders.
The Greater Fool at your workplace

This April Fool’s Day let’s flip the equation and move beyond office pranks to actually appreciating the “Greater Fools” in your workplace and personal life who empower you to take risks and win.

The Greater Fool is technically an economic term. The theory suggests that there will always be someone in the market who is willing to pay a higher price for a particular product or service. There will always be those people who would believe that a certain situation can get better and vow to see the deal through to its end.


When looking at the modern workplace, these are those individuals who show a high risk-taking behavior and are willing to bet on an unconventional project. In a workplace that is transforming rapidly, companies are looking for people who would be willing to take the off-beat path and implement strategies that might be unconventional.

Creative leaders

Many a times leaders, in a rush to conform with traditional strategies are more likely to let go of their innovative aspects and end up formulating cookie-cutter plans. However, in a workforce where multiple generations interact with each other in the same office, and creative ideas are born not necessarily in the C-Suite boardroom but can come from unexpected quarters, it is crucial for leaders to create that type of an open culture.

Moral compass of the company

These individuals usually drive their peers to do what is right. In a way, they tend to become the values’ center of the entire organization. In times of crisis, you can always look upto this person to steer you in the right direction and suggest the right solutions irrespective of the changes affecting the industry.

Both employees and leaders who are passionate about the work and are motivated not by the rewards and remuneration but by the type of contribution they make to the world through their work. A strong belief that their work makes a difference keeps them motivated. Finding such employees can work wonders for the organization and they can become the employer brand’s champions.

Moves away from traditional wisdom

Traditional wisdom dictates that certain routes to success are not viable. However, for individuals who believe that they can succeed where others have failed, no challenge seems too unbeatable. They believe in their own capabilities and as leaders will encourage their team members to do the same. Instilling confidence and inculcating a streak of experimentative thought is their forte.

These skills and characteristics make the proverbial “greater fools” a must-have personality in the workplace!


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