Article: Think Tank: Where leaders debate on work dilemmas in a fireside chat setup, only at People Matters TechHRIN 22

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Think Tank: Where leaders debate on work dilemmas in a fireside chat setup, only at People Matters TechHRIN 22

Be a part of an invigorating session that will have CHROs and business leaders uncover and exchange ideas, while looking at dilemmas from new perspectives with #FreshEyes.
Think Tank: Where leaders debate on work dilemmas in a fireside chat setup, only at People Matters TechHRIN 22

Think Tank, a novel concept is proudly being introduced at Asia’s largest HR and WorkTech conference, People Matter TechHR India 2022. During these sessions, business leaders from some of the India’s most progressive organisations will come together to discuss issues plaguing the industry. The aim of these Think Tank tracks is to take the bull by the horns and uncover perspectives and solutions previously unheard of.

The idea behind our Think Tanks, as with everything else at People Matters TechHR India 2022, is to get everyone to look at things around us – ideas, issues, complications, changes – with #FreshEyes.  

Come and be a part of the eight sessions over a two-day schedule where CHROs and business leaders uncover and debate ideas, look at dilemmas from new perspectives, and bring forth innovative ways to overcome challenges and turn them into core aspects of people strategy. 

Experimenting With Work Models: What Works?

The pandemic and the associated lockdowns meant businesses had to come up with secure and long-term solutions for people working from home. Now, with offices reopening, a lot of employees are reluctant to return to office, while some are looking forward to it in the hybrid work model. But how do businesses, especially HR, strike a balance between work from home and work from office? 

During this track, our panellists, Sana Nayyar, VP HR, Urban Company; Pramath Nath, CHRO, India & APAC, GE Steam Power and Vishpala Reddy, CHRO, Philips Indian Subcontinent, will try to make sense of the long-term practicality of the hybrid work model, which will be moderated by KS Kumar, Director, People Puzzle Solutions. They will also discuss and resolve the unique challenges being faced by HR while establishing new talent practices in today’s dynamic workplace. 

Is your team inclined to work from home or work from the office? With so many people having differing but strong feelings about this, this Think Tank is sure to be quite the firecracker.

Where Does Gen Z Want to Work?: Rebranding ‘Corporate Culture’

If there was ever a generation hellbent on putting an end to the generational toxicity of the standard workplace, it is Gen Z. This is a generation that is actively redefining what it means to be a good employee who takes care of the organisation he/she works for while actively prioritising their own mental health. Not only as employees but also as consumers, Gen Z has forced businesses and organisations to take a hard look at everything they do – from work culture and employee benefits to what they think the end consumer really wants. Not only this, Gen Z is also forcing leaders to rethink their leadership styles and work models. 

In this Think Tank that is sure to give everyone some food for thought, our panel will speak about the many positives and perhaps a few negatives of having a workforce that is increasingly composed of Gen Z.  

No question and no issue will be out of bounds as they talk about increasing flexibility and attempting to retain a workforce that is very keen on job hopping. If you, like many others, are looking to keep up with the ever-changing trends of the employee workforce, this Think Tank session is the one for you. 

Are You Ready To Lead Through Unpredictable Times?

We live and work in an increasingly dynamic world. While things have been changing at a very rapid pace over, say, the last decade, the pandemic really pushed things into overdrive. It made employees reconsider their priorities as organisations attempted to make it work in a brand new landscape. While the pandemic as such may be receding, the dynamism it has brought to the world of work is here to stay. 

It has become clear that a leader’s success in the future of work will depend on the long-term preparation to deal with change. It is not a matter of a few weeks of constant changes or a few months. An efficient and successful leader needs to have long-term plans to manage more and more work with more and more things changing around them. 

This Think Tank session will force you to take a long, hard look at the leadership styles and their efficacy in today’s landscape. Our panel Rajeev Bhardwaj, CHRO, Asia Service Centres, Sun Life Financial; Pranali Save, CHRO, Icertis and Ranjan Sarkar, CHRO, Exide will discuss everything from companies’ survival in uncertain times to how leaders can use effective communication tools to make sure the employees are always on the same page as them, which will be moderated by Preetham Singh, President CHRO, Reliance Jio. 

This session is the need of the hour for many leaders as our panellists decode long-term solutions to deal with the constant flux that the work tech and HR industry finds itself in.

Education Vs Experience: Redefining Talent and Jobs

A very true bias that has always existed in all of us is the bias towards a fancy college degree. As soon as we meet someone who, say, graduated from a top-notch college or we see a resume with all the right educational credentials, we assume the candidate is a) intelligent and b) perfect for the job and a right fit for the organisation. 

But study after study has shown that real-life skills that make a candidate good at their jobs and a great fit for the organisation are not dependent on their college degrees. Perhaps this is why more and more companies are dropping degree requirements and making changes to the hiring process to make it more skill-centric than degree-centric. CEOs and CHROs are now attempting to rewrite the traditional screening and hiring process and are confident that the degree-centric approach is a thing of the past.  

During this Think Tank, our panel Krishnakumar CS, VP & CHRO, Essar Power; Vikramjeet Singh, President & CHRO, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance and Sheetal Sandhu, Group CHRO, ICRA will take a step back to analyse the screening and hiring process in light of the changing degree-centric view, moderated by KS Kumar, Director, People Puzzle Solutions. 

In today’s work landscape, which skills does an employer really need? How important is it currently to widen the talent pool? What are the latest hiring practices? Our panel will talk about all this and much more. 

HR Tech 3.0: Is Your EX Tech Stack Efficient?

There is an increasing number of HR technology solutions out there. While the aim behind them is to make processes easier, the sheer number of solutions out there can be quite daunting. For an HR solution to be effective, it needs to be created with the primary focus of enriching employee experience.  

When created efficiently and used effectively, HR technology solutions can result in gains across platforms. This is one of the reasons a lot of emphasis is being placed on customised and made-to-order HR tech solutions.  

In this Think Tank, our panel Jaspreet Bakshi, Partner & India HR Leader, Marsh McLennan; Gautam Kumar, CHRO & Director People Experience – Industrial Region, India & South East Asia, SKF Group and Puja Kapoor, Global HR Director, OLX Autos will discuss at length different ways to ensure efficiency and adaptability when it comes to HR Tech. They will also talk about the role HR leaders need to be playing to ensure that a dynamic and fluid ecosystem is created that puts employees front and centre. 

The Walk From CHRO To Becoming A CEO

It will not be an exaggeration to say that it is the CHRO that ensures that all arms of the organisation work in tandem as a well-oiled machine. A CHRO does everything from being the right-hand person to the CEO to spearheading talent acquisition strategies to resolving conflicts and designing workspace policies. 

Logic dictates that someone with such a varied yet critical skill set would be a natural choice to be CEO. But is the transition from CHRO to CEO really happening? 

In yet another exciting Think Tank, our panel Samik Basu, CHRO, Hindalco, Anjali Chatterjee, CHRO, Air Asia and Dr Vishwanath  Joshi, Chief People Officer, Hexaware Technologies will speak about the path between CHRO and CEO and what it takes to tread it. 

Find The Balance: Building Organisational Resilience 

The world seems to be burning and the employees seem to be burning out. It is no surprise then that more and more employees are taking time to prioritise their mental health. In such a scenario there are many organisations that are coming up with out-of-the-box ideas to ramp up on organisational resilience. 

In such a situation, HR leaders are also taking the lead and attempting to strike a precarious balance between wellness policies for employees and growth of their business for it is difficult for one to exist without the other! Progressive leaders are trying to take a more holistic approach going forward. 

At this Think Tank, our panel Shilpa Narang Jerath, Chief HR Officer, OPPO India; Pankaj Mittal, Senior Vice President, CHRO Asia Pacific, American Tower and Shobha Ratna, Head, HR & Training, Aditya Birla Sunlife Insurance Co. Ltd will explore various steps and initiatives that can be taken to ensure that both employee wellness and organisational success is guaranteed. 

This year, at People Matters TechhR India 22 Unconference, we have lots of innovative content in interesting forms along with Think Tank tracks that includes talk shows, quizzes, workshops, treasure hunts, movie learning sessions, robotic displays and much more. So, join us at Asia’s largest HR and WorkTech conference at The Leela Ambience, Gurgaon on August 4 and 5 and be pleasantly surprised. Register now. 


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