Article: Top 10 MNCs in Asia-Rank 10: Adobe

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Top 10 MNCs in Asia-Rank 10: Adobe

Adobe believes that referrals are one of the best ways to hire good quality talent
Top 10 MNCs in Asia-Rank 10: Adobe

Headquarters: San Jose, California


CEO: Shantanu Narayen, No. of employees: 13,500


The American multinational company, which is focused on the creation of multimedia and creativity software products, is known the world over for its suite of products like Photoshop, Portable Document Format (PDF) and Adobe Creative Suite.

A lot of time and attention is invested for hiring each and every employee. Adobe believes in attracting quality talent and feels that referrals by employees are one of the best ways of recruitment. To continue to encourage employees to provide referrals, Adobe runs the Referral Mega Jackpot event twice a year. Employees are required to submit their referrals for some key niche positions, and if their reference is selected, the employees stand a chance to win prizes ranging from a lucrative cash award of INR 10,00,000 to a family holiday package.

Even in mass hiring, Adobe did not want to compromise on the quality of hires and hence they launched the Pre Hire Orientation—a one of a kind industry practice. In these sessions, the candidates actually get to shadow employees on the job to get a true and clear picture of what their role entails. From floor walks to pantry area exploration, from customer handling to reiterate the pivotal role of the associate in providing customer satisfaction / delight to asking employees questions on the career path, benefits, rewards etc.

The key objectives of the sessions are: Highlight and educate our prospective talent about Adobe as an organization, an employer and as a brand. Showcase what we do and where we want to be as an organization. Secondly, provide them with a clear and honest picture of what their roles and responsibilities would be and what would be expected of them. This helps eliminate any ambiguities/surprises that any of them would have about the role and ensure there is no dissonance once they join. This also helps in doing a sense check to identify any potential dropouts and allows us to create a backup immediately. Thirdly, engagement of the core team – Business Head, Hiring managers, Human Resouces Business Partners and Talent Selection team are a part of the event. All our stakeholders and candidates are on the same page before the candidates come onboard.

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