Article: Top 10 MNCs in Asia-Rank 3: Ericsson

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Top 10 MNCs in Asia-Rank 3: Ericsson

Ericsson empowers its employees and believes in their capabilities to deliver the best results
Top 10 MNCs in Asia-Rank 3: Ericsson

Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden


CEO: Hans Vestberg, No. of employees: 1,18,000


Ericsson is a Swedish multinational provider of communications technology and services. Founded in 1876 by Lars Magnus Ericsson, the company’s aim is to make a networked society. Ericsson provides network equipment and software as well as services for network and business operations. Their portfolio also includes products for the enterprise, cable, mobile platform and power module markets. The company employs 1,18,000 people in more than 180 countries.

Ericsson puts a lot of effort in building an inclusive culture. Over the last four years, the company has been running a volunteer driven ‘Build a Winning Culture’ program, which has enabled the company to address a number of areas for improvement, ranging from culture to communication to employee engagement. This program is run by over 100 volunteers from across the region. Additionally, employees are given flexibility at work so they can choose to work from home, for example, if their business schedule allows. Ericsson believes that this adds to the happiness quotient of the employees thus making them more productive, fostering a creative and fruitful work environment.

Girish Johar, Vice President and Head of Human Resources at Ericsson, says, “We listen to our people, invest in them, communicate transparently and create an exciting work environment that enriches the culture to create a long-term commitment.”

Ericsson places a lot of value in learning and the Ericsson academy has more than 4,000 online courses on a wide range of topics to aid employee development. Ericsson empowers its employees and believes in their capabilities to deliver the best results. There is utmost emphasis on Individual Performance Management, which is in line with the company’s core vision to understand its employees’ aspirations, guarantee their professional growth and cultivate a high-performing culture.

Additionally, Ericsson also recognizes the efforts of the employees through various initiatives such as leadership, executive leadership and sales excellence programs. Through these programs, the company looks to motivate the employees and hone their skills in areas such as innovation, technology leadership and strategy excellence thus ensuring a superior understanding of the customers, their environment and the telecom industry as a whole.

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