Article: Top 10 MNCs in Asia-Rank 8: AbbVie

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Top 10 MNCs in Asia-Rank 8: AbbVie

AbbVie’s office space provides an opportunity to reinforce company values
Top 10 MNCs in Asia-Rank 8: AbbVie

Headquarters: North Chicago, IL, United States of America


CEO: Richard A. Gonzalez, No. of employees: 26,000


AbbVie began as the pharmaceutical leader, Abbott, which was founded in 1888 by Chicago physician Dr. Wallace Abbott. Since then, AbbVie evolved to become a global healthcare company, delivering innovative pharmaceutical products to people in more than 170 countries. AbbVie is made of scientists, researchers, communicators, manufacturing specialists and regulatory experts focused on developing new products and new ways to help people manage some of the most serious health conditions.

At AbbVie, they place significant value on internal communication to reinforce the company’s direction, values and ways of working. A bi-monthly all-employee newsletter is sent to every employee in Australia & New Zealand, showcasing great work that reinforces the pillars of people, passion and possibilities, highlighting the outstanding performers and winners of internal and external awards and communicating local results and global initiatives. They encourage employees to share their achievements beyond the office door, whether these are volunteering or sporting achievements or something else of significance for them.

Throughout the AbbVie office, the physical space provides an opportunity to reinforce company values and highlight the individuals and patients that make AbbVie what it is. Posters and wall wraps throughout the various sites reinforce the company values with definitions and examples of how they’re being ‘lived’ by employees and through the company’s programs and research. Individual and team award winners, photographs and description of achievements are featured in display systems in high-traffic areas of the office. The company strategy is posted to ensure employees understand the direction and KPIs that will be tracked to measure progress. Photos and stories of the patients and customers that benefit from the various products are also posted in offices, meeting rooms and reception area to ensure employees have a connection with those that depend on their work and have the opportunity to discuss them with visitors.

Senior management also regularly communicates with the staff via branded, recognizable email channels and face-to-face town hall meetings to provide an update on the business and reinforce key initiatives that are critical to business performance. All communication is focused to ensure inclusiveness across all functions.

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